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Since the weather is starting to change, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your HVAC needs for the year. Whether you’re targeting homeowners who want to save on their energy bills or business owners looking to keep their employees comfortable, there are plenty of HVAC promotional ideas that can help. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most successful HVAC promotional strategies from recent years and look ahead at what should be popular in 2022. So whether you’re just getting started with your HVAC marketing plan or you’re looking for new ideas, read on for some inspiration!

HVAC promotional ideas 1
HVAC promotional ideas 1

Proven HVAC Promotional Ideas to Acquire Leads and Boost Sales

Quizzes on Social Media

People enjoy a good quiz now and then, especially when a prize is at stake. Facebook is a popular choice because it’s easy to set up and run a quiz on the site while also tapping into your local community.

There are even apps that allow you to make Facebook quizzes almost instantly. Of course, you will be putting up a prize in this circumstance, but the ROI is likely more than enough for the expense to be worth it. 

The quiz won’t cost you anything and will only last a few minutes. Apart from the potential RoI, you’ll also have the opportunity to boost engagement and grow your own social media network, which is always beneficial to your business.

Photo Contests

You can always hold photo contests to aid in the promotion of your HVAC services. They are popular since they’re generally compatible with all media platforms. 

You can collaborate with local print media outlets such as newsletters, newspapers, and even local advertisers. Alternatively, you can also run your own promotion online.

You can call for submissions on your website if you have consistent monthly traffic. You can also promote the photo competition on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Contests are a fun way to engage people in your brand, and they will, of course, identify a slew of new leads looking for an AC replacement or maintenance.

You can, of course, adjust the specifics to fit your target market. If AC service is more profitable in your location, you can launch an Ugly AC Competition, similar to the popular Ugly Furnace Contest. 

Social Media Giveaways 

Every heating and cooling business should have a Social Media Business Page to advertise their business.

There is no better time to capitalize on that community and build it through a promotional giveaway for established pages. You can start by posting an announcement stating that you would be providing a free service (the actual service is up to you) to anyone who will sign up with their email and phone number or follow your page.

Only one person can win the giveaway, so when everything is said and done, you will most likely have a boatload of leads interested enough in one of your specified services to provide their information in a giveaway for it. Another benefit of this idea is that it’s reasonably easy to implement without the involvement of a third party.

Be Open to Social Media for Business 

Search engines employ social signals as a critical ranking factor when deciding where to display your HVAC business website in keyword search results. 

Therefore, your company needs a professional social media page as one of your HVAC promotional ideas.  Otherwise, you’re running the risk of losing vital online visibility.

Once you have the page, post links to your blog articles, videos, and photos of projects you did before. Then, use built-in analytics data to uncover how customers interact with you, paying particular attention to their feedback via your social media accounts.

You may even try your hand at social media marketing. HVAC social media marketing using Facebook ads is an excellent approach to exhibit and promote the HVAC services you’re currently offering, such as heating and cooling, engage your current clients, and enhance your visibility to prospective customers.

Target Local Clients with Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile (GBP), known previously as Google My Business, is a highly effective HVAC marketing tool you can use to acquire new leads and clients. 

Utilizing the power of GBP and effectively optimizing your profile places you above the organic search results on Google.

When searching for a relevant keyword, the top three listings, also known as the map pack or the snack pack, appear prominently.

Customers can find detailed company information on your website, but Google Business Profile indexes the content you provide so that it’s consistent across all search engines.

When you manage your GBP the right way, it will enable you to do the following: 

  • Control and display all of the information relevant to your business 
  • Interact with prospective clients and manage your online reviews.
  • Curate images and videos you post, as well as those from your clients
  • Get valuable insights into how customers find their way to your website.

Achieving a solid GBP profile should be a priority in your local SEO strategy. Surprisingly, more than a few local businesses haven’t claimed their free GBP account, even as “50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited or contacted a store within a day”,  according to a Google study. 

Prioritize Quick Response Times on your HVAC Marketing Plan 

Determine how easy it is for prospective clients to reach you on your business website or social media platforms. Does your site have a chat feature your customers can use? If you have a mobile app, is it easy to download and simple enough for your clients to navigate? 

It helps to ensure your website’s contact information is displayed in a prominent location. As soon as your HVAC promotional ideas click and your website starts generating leads, see to it that you respond quickly.

Clients may not always choose the first HVAC company they come across, but they will almost always choose the first that will respond and address their queries.

What’s Next? 

When developing an effective HVAC marketing strategy, you’ll come across promotional strategies and techniques that other companies and businesses in your area might use or already using. Don’t fret. The difference lies in how effectively you set your plans into action. 

As soon as you build a significant online presence and highlight your company’s value to potential and existing clients, your chances of making it big in the HVAC industry are substantially boosted. 

If you’re looking to build a no-nonsense and reputable digital footprint or need help developing your overall HVAC marketing strategy, we are happy to help. Visit our HVAC SEO page and schedule your free consultation today! 

Key Takeaways 

Search engine optimization is still the most effective type of HVAC promotion. Ranking your website and Google Business Profile in organic search results generates a steady flow of high-quality leads. Unlike other time-sensitive promotions, you can count on an organic search presence to be ever-present.

We believe that investing in local SEO is the best way to perform better at search results. More than a few consumers click on the Google Map 3-pack when looking for an HVAC company in their area. Several key factors come into the search engine algorithm’s consideration in the process, such as relevance, prominence, and proximity.  

Other techniques are available at your disposal to supplement your local SEO efforts. You can’t go wrong with any of the HVAC promotional ideas we mentioned. Use any of them to start acquiring more quality leads and give your sales a timely boost.  

HVAC Promotional Ideas FAQs 

How do I promote my HVAC company? 

Even if you have a minimal marketing budget, you can implement simple HVAC marketing strategies, such as the following:

  • Local Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Ads for HVAC Advertising
  • HVAC Google Local Service Ads
  • Gathering of Client Reviews for Trust and HVAC marketing
  • Publishing HVAC Blog Content that Stands Out
  • YouTube Marketing to Build Your Brand and Trust
  • Email Marketing to Create Recurring HVAC Jobs

How do I make my HVAC marketing successful? 

The marketing efforts you’ll implement will likely be the same or somewhat close to the ones employed by your competitors. As we mentioned, you don’t need to be overly concerned. Instead, you must pay attention to how you execute your HVAC marketing strategy. 

Focus your efforts toward improving brand awareness, visibility, and reaching local customers. Some of the methods you can consider include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and local SEO.   

How do I grow my HVAC business from scratch? 

Although growing an HVAC business from scratch is a tall order in the current economic landscape, it will be worth it once you get your business up and running. 

Focusing on your local audience is a good place to start. Then, you may start tweaking your sales process on your way to developing a customized offer good for different seasons. 

Finally, remember the mantra, “the key to creating a successful HVAC business is developing a good business plan.”  

A Step by Step Guide to Starting and Growing your HVAC Company

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