Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads gives advertisers the ability to show highly targeted ads to Facebook's 1.59 billion monthly active users worldwide. Facebook is the second-most-visited site on the web and, in the U.S., is the most-widely used app with 126 million average unique users.

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Facebook is Awesome

Facebook is no longer a platform that can be overlooked by advertisers. At Reach Digital, clients in a wide range of industries, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, have found marketing success with our Facebook advertising management services.


Targeted Ads

Facebook Ads gives advertisers the ability to show highly targeted ads to Facebook's 1.59 billion* monthly active users. Target your email list, geo-location, and your customers interests.


Audience Insights

Dissect your target audience with Facebook's Audience Insights. Find out who your customers really are! You can see who they engage with, where they go, age, and much much more!


Real Time Results

Setting up your campaigns within Facebook allows you to select what part of the conversion funnel you want to reach your customers. Facebook has set stages for awareness and consideration.

What sets Reach Digital's

Facebook Advertising Approach Apart?

While other social media advertising agencies might focus solely on engagement, such as how many Likes an ad or page receives, Reach Digital is driven by results that impact a company's bottom line. We work with each client individually to determine their unique goals. We then leverage Facebook's advanced targeting capabilities to reach customers and prospects. As part of our Facebook advertising management process, Reach Digital works on:

  • Strategic Alignment and Goal Development

  • Reaching your Target Audience

  • Conversion Focused

  • Daily Optimization

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