Invoice Factoring | What is invoice Factoring?

What is invoice financing?

Invoice Factoring is a transaction that helps with debt financing in which a business will sell its accounts receivables / invoices to a lender at a discounted rate. Businesses will factor their receivable assets to meet current demands for immediate cash. Accounts receivable financing is also known as receivable factoring and invoice factoring. Asset based lending uses your company’s accounts receivable for collateral to secure the loan.

Invoice Factoring vs Bank Loan

Invoice factoring and bank loans are different in that the accounts receivables are sold rather than offered as collateral. This allows your company to convert receivables into operating cash so you do not have to wait for 30, 60, 90 days or longer for your customer to pay.

Your business receives the cash needed to continue operating in a quick manner. The cash injection will allow you to pay employees, overhead expenses, and manufacture more goods.

Invoice factoring is a great option for a business that needs money fast who cannot secure a bank loan. Factoring loans are known by several different names. Invoice discounting, debtor financing, receivables factoring, and invoice factoring.

A lender or broker will look at your credit history and well as customers prior purchasing invoices. Lenders want to be confident that they will receive the money from your customer before lending the capital to your business.

Companies can use factoring as a way to infuse cash into their business without taking on additional debt. Selling their accounts receivables at a discounted rate, they will receive the money without having to wait to collect it directly from the customer.

How to use social media to generate leads?

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"On this episode, I’m joined by Jake Eisenberg, president of Reach Digital Group. Jake shares his approach to local marketing and explains how he turbocharges lead generation via social media. His company specializes in helping local businesses acquire solid sales leads, but his approach works for national brands as well."

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Toy Marketing Strategies | Where to Sell Toys Online

toy marketing strategies

We all have that kid side in us. You can join the glory days of Hasbro, Toys R Us, Mattel and other major brands in the toy industry if you too can compete with them by practicing the art of selling online. By knowing the best toy marketing strategies and platforms, you will be able to make your toy products sell even when you’re still new in the industry. However, the ultimate question would be: “where would I sell them?”

Good question! In this article, we will give you tips on where you can sell your products. They are as follows:

1. Amazon

toy marketing strategies

Amazon, Fulfilled by Amazon in particular, is a good avenue where you can sell your brand new and used toys. Many smart sellers are using FBA to earn extra or fulltime income. What’s great about this platform is they are the ones who will pack the item and ship it to the customer on your behalf when you have an ordered item. Also, you can process returns and answer customer queries within FBA.

2. eBay

where to sell toys online

Selling your items on eBay is also a good option. Since your targeting worldwide as your audience, the said site will raise your chances of getting your items sell fast and get more profit. Aside from that, eBay is also suitable for items such as valuable and collectible toys compared to a Facebook group that cannot reach a huge amount of prospects/buyers. However, you have to pay a certain amount whenever you receive money through the site aside from Paypal fees. In addition to that, you will manually do all the legwork to get your items sold. This is a great alternative when things don’t work in local listings.

3. Other e-commerce stores

In the US alone, the online dealership of toys has significantly grown for about fifty-five percent (55%) in the past two years. This is a proof that selling your toy products online is not just a waste of time. It is worth noting that selling toy products using different e-commerce stores is actually one of the most thriving businesses today.


Selling old and brand new toys at home is not only a great way to lessen clutters at home. It can also make a few bucks for you while you’re at home taking care of your kids. If you’re looking to do this full-time, then you need to be able to identify which platform works best for you. Because after all, the key to ensuring success in the toy industry depends on the scope of the platform you’re using. In addition to that, finding the best toy marketing strategies will make you do selling like a pro. Have you tried selling toys online before? Which website/s did you use? Share it down in our comment box!

NY Toy Fair | 3 Benefits to Having a Trade Show Booth

One event that is worth noting is the annual NY Toy Fair which held $27 billion worth of toys in the market this year. Participating in this kind of event, or even smaller ones will surely open an avenue of profit for your business.

Who does not love toys? I mean from kids to kids at heart, everyone loves to collect toys of any kind. As a toy manufacturer, you would like to put this fact to your advantage. And one thing to get profit out of it is to invest in toy fairs and exhibits.

However, the first thing you need to consider before investing in exhibits and toy fairs, as a manufacturer, are the benefits that you’re getting out of it. That is why you need to know the present trends in this industry.

Heare are just some of the advantages of investing in exhibits:

1. Events like the NY Toy Fair promote new products.

NY toy fair

As a toy manufacturer, you’re lucky if you’re born with an eye for creativity to innovate and make eye-catching products for toy lovers out there. You have to make sure that the toys you’re making are timely and unique at the same time.

Not just toys that are trendy and unique but also consider creating toys that can be useful as well especially to the person that will purchase it.

Never hesitate to try creating something new if the result can help to ensure the success of your future exhibit.

2. It can create new connections with retailers and distributors

NY toy fair

Every toy exhibit will really help in making new connections with retailers and distributors that you may work with in the future. This pretty much self-explanatory. It enables you to grow your connections and give you a chance to compare prices from different suppliers and decide the right pricing for your future distributors.

Retailers and distributors also can help in suggesting new ideas and innovations to your toy products to increase your toys’ repeat-purchase rate.

3. It also opens a door for new audiences

The main purpose of toy exhibits is to encourage people, whether they like toys or not, to buy your products. Thus, convincing those who are not really into this thing would mean opening a new set of audience for your business.

These new people and new prospective toy collectors may see the products you manufacture as a new ‘hot’ thing and who knows, your products may start a new fad in this industry.


Therefore you have to consider these benefits stated above since this will be a great help to your toy business. As a toy manufacturer, this will help you improve your skills, talents, ideas, but also your ability to blend in your industry.

Dallas Market Center | Dallas Home And Gift Market

Everyone has their own hobby that becomes a passion eventually. If you’re someone who loves toys as much as you love manufacturing them for a while now, then this coming event that will happen in the last quarter of the year is for you. Save the dates, October 2-4, 2018 and visit Dallas Market Center for the big event.

Dallas Market Center Fall Toy Preview

Image result for dallas fall toy fair preview

It’s not surprising that every year; a fall toy preview is held at the Dallas Market Center in Dallas, Texas. The fact that the said venue is 5,000,000 square feet wide qualifies it to hold the said event. It is also more than enough proof that this event is incredibly huge for sellers and buyers. Even though it’s not open to the public; a huge number of sellers and buyers that runs up to hundreds of thousands is attracted to this event because of wonderful products such as home decorations, toys, and gifts found here.


If you think that this event is not important but for many toy manufacturers, Fall Toy Preview is a very big thing. The Toy Association thought that the toy industry would be growing over time. They have also foreseen that it would soon become a huge part of the world’s economy. That is the main reason why they created the said event. It attracts thousands of manufacturers, resellers, collectors, and buyers from different countries and attends this every year. Manufacturers will launch their newly invented toys that would be later on popular with the public.


The goal of this toy preview is to help manufacturers in improving and innovating their products and someday be popular in this type of industry. It also serves as a meeting before the product can be passed to the market retailers that sell it to the people.


play color colorful toy children toys

Some of us don’t really think that creating toys would be a business that may change our lives. However, if you’re like Michael Lazarus, the founder of Toys ‘R’ Us that finds happiness watching children playing with toys then go ahead and start creating toys that are not just entertaining but also informative and timely. So if you’re someone who shares the same passion as him, consider visiting the Fall Toy Preview this coming October 2-4. Of course, this event happens in Dallas Market Center annually. Who knows, your toy products might start a new trend that would click.

How to Sell Toys | 3 Top Tips for Selling Toys Online

how to sell toys

Kids are not the only ones who love toys. Many customers of toys stores are adults such as collectors and parents. This is a target market that toy sellers should also focus on because they have the buying capacity. If you are new to the toy-selling business, then this article is for you. Here are some of the top tips on how to sell toys. We will focus on selling toys online and how you can do it effectively so that you can make the most profit out of it.

Know the Audience that You Want to Target

Being new to the toy business, you may immediately think that you are limited to marketing your toys to children. But don’t limit yourself there. As you know, the ones who buy the kids’ toys are the parents. So, a good way on how to sell toys is to consider both the children and the parents. They should be appealing to the kids, and the parents should find the toys not only fun to play with but will also help their children learn in the process.

Do Your Research to Find the Best Wholesalers

As you course through in your first-hand experience on how to sell toys, you will soon realize that to make the most out of your business and make a good profit; you should buy toys in bulk. This is a good strategy because you can get lower prices buying in bulk and you won’t have any issues with running out of stock. It is important that you do your research well so that you can find a good toy wholesaler that you can build a great working relationship with. This is a sure way to profit well from the toy-selling business.

Using the Right Software for Selling Toys Online

When you have the right products and the right wholesaler, then you are almost ready to have a successful toy-selling business. How to sell toys online is much easier nowadays. You can reach more people than just relying on your physical store. To effectively sell toys online, you should have the right software. It should make the process of buying very easy for your customers. You can also make the most out of social media to offer group deals or daily deals so that you can increase your conversions.


Now that you have these three top tips, you have an idea on how to sell toys. Whether you are selling toys online or in your store, it is important that you make your products appealing to the audience that you are targeting whether they be children, parents, or collectors. Next is finding a good wholesaler so you can get a good price for the products you want to sell. Lastly, make the process of buying toys from you easy for your customers by using the right software for your online toy store. When you have these basic tips covered, you can get your toy store running and soon enough, you’ll see an increase in your sales and profit.

Web Design Services Detroit | 3 Web Design Tips for 2018

web design services Detroit

If you have a Detroit business and want to go global, you need to have an awesome website to entice more customers from anywhere in the globe. You can design your website yourself and have full control of all the artistic decisions. Or you can also tap into web design services Detroit to help you with your goals for your website.

Web design is very important in making sure that you keep your audience interested in what they are looking at when they are visiting your site. But what is web design? What are its elements? And what are the best tips for web design this year? We’ll cover that in this article.

What is Web Design?

When we think of web design, it is when we transform the ideas we have gathered into something artistic. We achieve this through a guided objective or intention that is specific to what we want to do. This is where web design services Detroit can help you.

With web design, in particular, we create artistic content through the web pages. These pages will then be viewed by anyone who has access to the Internet in any part of the world. It’s important that your design will be appealing to many cultures.

Elements of Web Design

When designing your website, it is vital that you have some idea of the web design elements. This is so that you will have a design that is balanced in all aspects. This will ensure that your website is going to be visually appealing to your audience. Here are the visual elements that you have to consider.


The layout of your website will show how your graphics, ads, and texts are arranged. It is with this arrangement that your audience will see information in one glance. See to it that your design is consistent and is well-maintained throughout all of the site’s web pages.


The most basic rule with using colors is not to overdo it. You can choose two to three colors but not more than that. Keep the design simple and clean to avoid confusion and maintain user-friendly functionality. If you want to make sure that you are making the right artistic decisions, you can always consult web design services Detroit so you will have that perfect website that you are looking to have.


Graphics include your logos, photos, clipart, and icons. This enhances the design of your website. To make sure that your website is user-friendly, all of these graphics should be properly placed to coordinate with the content and the colors of your site. This is also to ensure that your webpage won’t load too slow.


The fonts that you choose for your texts can boost the design of your website. Choose web safe fonts that are generally accepted in all of the web browsers. Make sure that your audience can view your website with ease no matter what web browser they choose to use.


Both your web design and the content of your website must work together. Give emphasis to the message that you are trying to convey with your website. The content that you put on your website should be interesting, appropriate, and useful. Also, keep in mind to optimize your content for search engines.

Now that we know some of the basic elements of web design and how web design services Detroit can help you achieve the perfect look for your website, let’s take see three of the best web design tips for this year.

3 Web design tips for 2018


Last year, we saw the rise of chatbot use in web design. It will continue to be popular this year. Artificial intelligence is no longer a vision of the future. They’re here now and quickly becoming popular among major brands . People are getting more and more comfortable interacting with chatbots. The conversational interface continues to improve.

This year, web design is no longer limited to the screen. It will be expanding its toolbox to build and access interfaces that are voice-powered. With this kind of advancement, more time can be saved. Users can solve the issues that they have promptly and with fewer words needed.


With storytelling, you can get the attention of your audience. How you present your products is not limited to text and pictures. You can build a story so that your audience can experience it as well. Look at the products as a part of the larger picture of customer service and business.

Make your audience the hero of your story and the products as their tools. The better the products, the better story they will experience.  Combine great storytelling with vibrant colors as well as interesting and fun web design with web design services Detroit and you are sure to keep your audience hooked.


Making your website mobile-ready is a must these days. Many of us surf the web with our mobile devices. With mobile-friendly web design, you can make the experience of your audience more comfortable. They can easily access your site using their smartphones and tablets anytime they want to. Web design services Detroit can help you prepare for a website that can be viewed using various mobile devices.

This year, expect more innovations to come. They will be more organized and more functional. The challenge for web designers is using transitions and also animations that can adapt to varying screen sizes. It will only be a matter of time that we see this fully integrated into the web design of most websites.

Detroit Internet Marketing | Local Search Terms To Rank For

detroit internet marketing

For many of the SEO strategies that you can use for your business in Detroit, it is often suggested that you focus on competitive keywords. The aim is to rank for those keywords that relate to the products or services that you offer. With Detroit Internet marketing, the focus is on local search terms.

Relatively, the search volumes for local search terms are low. However, they are the kind of traffic that you are looking for. They carry more intent and that they will most likely convert into sales. Let’s take a look at how you can research for these local search terms. And also how you can rank using them.

Know What Your Competitors are Doing

The first thing that you have to do in researching local search terms is to see what the competitors of your business are doing. How do they employ Detroit Internet marketing? How do they target the locations? Did they prepare dedicated pages for each of the locations? Are their contact details available on each of the pages?

To know what the competitors are doing with their Detroit Internet marketing strategy, you can put the URL of their contact page into the Keyword Planner tool provided by Google. When you do this, you will see the keywords that Google associates with your competitors. Get those keywords and place them on the list of terms that you should target.

Be Very Specific with Your Local Terms

You can also use the Keyword Planner in getting your location’s search volumes. When targeting a keyword for your Detroit Internet marketing strategy, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the name of the city where your business is located. Be more specific and use the names of distinct places. Use the locality of your business’ location or the areas near it.

You may notice that the search volume for the distinct places will be low. But look at it cumulatively. It will be able to give you a good number of traffic potential that has high intent. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t optimize local terms that are already far from your area. This will lessen your potential for ranking for the business’ actual location.

Don’t Forget to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

When you optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly, it will really pay off especially when you are ranking for local search terms. Many users search businesses using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Making your Detroit business’ website mobile-friendly is one thing that you shouldn’t forget to do. This will help you rank better using the local search terms that you want to target.



Content Marketing in Ft Lauderdale | How to Write a Blog Post in 3 Simple Steps

content marketing in Ft Lauderdale

By now, you may already know how important it is to take full advantage of blogging. It is essential in making your content marketing in Ft Lauderdale successful. You will miss out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t maintain a blog for your business.

Without your blog, you won’t have anything to share on social media. There won’t be a way to entice your leads as well as your current customers. You also won’t have those important pages where you can put calls-to-action to get more leads.

Getting Started

Content marketing in Ft Lauderdale doesn’t have to be a chore. Don’t think about the long list of to-do’s that need to get done. Start by setting aside a few hours each day to just write. It is vital that your blog remains updated. This is so that your followers have something to look forward to every time they visit your blog.

There’s so much material about how to write a blog post. Anyone can learn how to do it. There’s no excuse for you not to try. If you think about it, for as long as you are knowledgeable about the subject matter, there are so many things that you can write about.

For example, if you have a car repair business, you can share so many valuable articles about simple car repair tips. Your readers will surely appreciate these kind of articles. Let’s take a look at how you can enhance your strategy in content marketing in Ft Lauderdale with these three simple steps.

Knowing Your Audience

The first important step before you even start writing is to know who your target audience is. Know the kind of information they want to get out of your blog. If the readers that you want to target are vintage car enthusiasts, you can assume they already know the basic stuff.

While you can devote some categories of your blog to those who are just starting to appreciate vintage cars, you should create content that your target audience will find interesting. Provide good articles about vintage cars that they haven’t read before. They will enjoy learning more about the subject from your blog.

This kind of content marketing in Ft Lauderdale will separate you from merely writing blog posts that contain general information to giving your target audience something that they really want to know about.

Creating an Outline

Getting out the first words of your article is probably the most difficult part of writing. Don’t be overwhelmed by this task. What you can do is to create an outline first so that you can organize what you want to write about. This will also save you from being intimidated by the amount of information that you should include in your article.

Break your article into sub-sections so that it is easier for your audience to read it. They will be able to see what your content is about just by scanning it and they won’t feel daunted by the length of the article. They can simply read the part that is most relevant to them. Make it easy for your readers to find the information they are looking for.

Start Writing

When you have created your outline, it’s time to sit down and just write. This won’t be very difficult especially if you are an expert on the subject or if you’re really enthusiastic about it. Just like the example above about the vintage cars, if you love that subject, you will find it very easy to write about it. You will actually enjoy the process of sharing what you know with others.

When you’re done writing, don’t forget to reread your content and check for spelling and grammatical errors. You should also provide proper attribution if you used information from other sources. This includes facts, data, and photographs. It will strengthen your content as well if you do this because it means that you did proper research about the information that you will be sharing with your audience.

Local SEO in Ft Lauderdale | How to Setup Google My Business

local seo in Ft Lauderdale

One way to improve your local SEO in Ft Lauderdale is by setting up Google My Business. With it, you can connect Google Analytics, Google +, Reviews, Insights, Google maps, and search conveniently in one application.

Managing these features is much easier with Google My Business. Apart from the convenience, what you will get is the opportunity for a better local SEO in Ft Lauderdale. Clients will find your local business faster when they’re searching for it online.

Even if your company is not a local business, Google My Business still has its benefits. It can provide you with a page that is user-friendly. Managers can track Google Analytics, connect with clients, and create informative content. Here are the steps on how to setup Google My Business.

Setting Up Google My Business

To ensure great local SEO in Ft Lauderdale, set up an account with Google My Business. Here are the simple steps on how you can do it.

  1. First, go to
  2. Look for the button that says “Get on Google” and click it.
  3. Look for your local business or company by name as well as the address in the prompted area.
  4. Once you’ve seen your local business, click on it. Google will then create a page in Google + using the address that you typed in.
  5. Don’t forget to check “I am authorized to manage this business.” After that, click continue.
  6. To verify that you can manage the business, Google will send you a code. To get the code, click “Mail me my Code.”
  7. Now you have a Google My Business account.

Customizing Your Account

When you have successfully made an account on Google My Business, the next thing to do would be to customize it. Start by adding a profile photo to your Google My Business account. Simply look for “Add profile photo” on the lower right side of the dashboard.

Continue by adding other photos of your local business, your website, contact information, and business hours. When you have completed inputting all the important information, you can then click on the “Done Editing” button.

Next Steps

When you have received the code that Google sent you, don’t forget to verify your local business using it. This way, you can access all of the features of Google My Business. Your potential clients will be able to efficiently locate your company and you have more business opportunities coming your way.

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