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Bringing up the idea of guest posting is one of the ways to divide a room full of marketers.

The topic will undoubtedly spark a pointed debate. Some will argue that it’s a waste of time. Others will attest and regard it as a critical component of their overall marketing strategy, in line with prevailing digital marketing trends.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. It can be a waste of time and resources but can fuel the steady growth of your business when done the right way. Aside from promoting brand awareness, guest posting is one of the ethical and long-term approaches to create high-quality backlinks and improve your SEO performance.

In this brief guide, we’ll define guest posting and discuss its importance for your business, as well as the steps to produce high-quality guest posts that yield favorable results. 

What is Guest Posting?

Also referred to as guest blogging, guest posting is the process of submitting content to another person and brand’s website or blog. As the writer, you will act as a contributor or guest author and contribute content to a publisher. This method is often done in an attempt to promote a brand’s marketing, public relations, and SEO initiatives to a site that doesn’t belong to them or any of their organizations.

Guest posting often works well as a marketing strategy because it benefits both the publisher and writer. The former gets fresh, relevant, high-quality content that their audience can learn from and enjoy.  

Meanwhile, writers benefit from the opportunity of: 

  • Reaching a new market 
  • Building relationships and brand awareness
  • Driving traffic back to their website
  • Boosting brand awareness 
  • Building backlinks essential for site SEO 
  • Growing their list of subscribers

Given these advantages, you should consider featuring content from guest bloggers on your website too. 

Why is Guest Posting Important for your Business?

Guest posting provides various benefits for your business. By sharing your expertise on the website of other companies, you are building relationships with other thought leaders in your field and exposing your brand to a brand new audience while positioning yourself as an authority figure in your niche.

In addition, featuring guest posts on your site will enable you to provide your audience with unique perspectives courtesy of fresh and informative content. We’re all guilty of getting stuck in a rut and getting tired of the same old stuff. Featuring guest blogs is a terrific way to keep your audience engaged, not to mention the promotional boost that takes place when your guest bloggers share these blogs with their personal network.

Even if you don’t have sufficient resources to maintain a consistent blogging schedule, you can turn to guest bloggers to provide new content to your audience without additional time and effort from your team. 

Determining your Guest Posting Goals

Before anything else, you should first determine your specific guest posting goals. There are several primary goals to consider, including: 

  • Acquiring traffic back to your website. 
  • Establishing yourself as an authority figure and expert in your field
  • Securing backlinks to your online site.

However, you need to remember not to make securing backlinks your primary focus for guest posting due to the risks and potential penalties involved with private blog networks (PBNs). 

To help you accomplish these goals, you’d want to find blogs that have a wide reach and an engaged audience. 

With the right kind of content on the best blogs, you can realize your guest posting goals in no time.          

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities?

So how exactly do you find guest posting opportunities? If you aren’t sure how to find guest posting opportunities, take note of these strategies: 

Find the Right Blogs

Keep in mind that it isn’t about finding blogs that accept guest post submissions. Instead, it’s about finding the right blog.

You can filter the blogs you’re looking for by answering these questions: 

  • Is this blog something your own audience will read? 
  • Are site visitors engaged in this particular blog? 
  • Will you read this blog yourself? 

Start by simply typing in “(your field/niche) write for us.” on Google. You may also use phrases such as: 

“Submit a guest post (your field/niche).”

“(Your field/niche) guest posting.”

“Write for us: (your field/niche).”

From there, a list of blog sites related to your field or niche that accepts guest posts will appear. DO NOT just select the first result on the list. First, use a keyword tool like Ubersuggest or KeywordTool.io to check the blog’s organic traffic. You may also use a domain authority checker to determine the site’s domain authority to see how likely the site is to rank high on Google.   

Come Up With Topics 

Most sites that offer guest posting opportunities will ask you to come up with your own topics since it’s your blog post, after all. To make sure you come up with the best blog post ideas possible for your host website, take the time to read their content and figure out the topics they haven’t talked about. 

Also, you can check their social media threads and browse through the comments to become aware of their audience’s concerns and questions. Finally, go back to their content and pinpoint the specific post their audience raves about the most. 

A tool like Buzzsumo can also come in handy to find a particular site’s most talked about content. From there, determine if there’s something you can add to that content through your blog post. By relating to the site’s most popular pieces of content, you can come up with a different perspective and write about it. 

Follow Prominent Guest Bloggers

Do you know any prominent guest bloggers in your field? If you read enough blogs relevant to your industry (which you should), you’ll recognize some of the names that appear on guest blogs regularly. 

You can also search their names on Google, followed by the phrase “guest post by.” The results will show you all of the sites where these guest bloggers have posted their content. They should also be excellent sites for you to submit a guest post. It will also be to your advantage if you know a guest blogger in your niche who can introduce you to the owner of the site that offers the guest posting opportunity.

Join a Community of Guest Bloggers

Last but not least, you can join a community that connects guest bloggers such as yourself to blog owners. Sign up for free on platforms such as MyBlogGuest to search for blogs offering guest post opportunities. 

Better yet, publish your own information and let blog owners know that you’re looking to write a guest post about a particular topic so they can find you.   

Producing High-Quality Guest Posts

One of the most prevalent concerns about guest blogging is whether you should utilize your best content for your own site or for guest posting. Generally, it depends on the quality of the blog site you’re submitting your content.

If the majority of the content contains 900+ words with a lot of screenshots, your post should be similar. If the posts on the site have 500 words or less with a single image, then what you’ll submit should (again) be comparable.

Here are some more tips you should keep in mind to produce the best guest posts possible: 

Format Your Post the Same Way as the One’s on the Site

Look at the posts on your target blog more closely. Notice how they make use of headers, bolded text, graphics, images, quotes, and other formatting specifications. Ensure that the article you’ll submit contains elements similar to the other posts on the site.

Let the blog owner know you’re familiar with their content by including a few internal links to some of their posts. You can do this by simply performing a Google search for site:domain.com. intitle:keyword.

It will show you the list of their top posts for a specific keyphrase, which you can then link to in your post. Also, if you mention any specific products, learning material, etc., make sure to include a link to those as well, as long as they’re not self-promotional.

Include a CTA for Comments

End your guest piece with a clear call-to-action for comments. The more engagement your content generates, the better!  

It’s Not About You

You need to remember when creating a guest post that it isn’t about your products, services, or your business. Guest post articles should offer valuable information instead of being used as an advertising platform. 

Any information pertaining to your brand or related products should be reserved in the author’s bio section. Occasional mentions, stories, or examples are acceptable to demonstrate a point, but the majority of the post should be about something other than your brand or business.

Tracking Your Results

The last but arguably the most important step of the guest posting process is tracking your posts’ results over time. Make sure to always compare your results to where you were at the start of the process ( refer back to the goals you set at the beginning).

Depending on your goals, there are different SEO tools at your disposal to help track various KPIs. Some of the best guest blogging tools can use include:

You can utilize a tool like Ahrefs to monitor everything from changes in the referring domains, the number of backlinks, organic traffic performance, and even the number of keywords for which the website ranks in Google.

Key Takeaways 

Guest posting on reputable websites is an excellent way to capitalize on the success of blogs that are already well-known in your field. To succeed in securing a guest posting opportunity, you must send well-thought-of pitches that showcase your worth.

Are you aiming at being a regular contributor to guest posting sites? Make sure to exert effort in promoting your post to your own audience. Blog owners appreciate it when you send new readers and potential subscribers their way. 

Guest posting is simply one of several strategies you can use in your content marketing campaigns. If you need assistance in developing or tracking the results of your content marketing efforts, we are here to help.

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