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It’s no secret that search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of every digital marketing campaign. Not only is it one of the ranking factors in achieving a higher Google ranking for your site, but SEO also ensures that you reach a broader audience to increase the likelihood of getting sales conversions.  

In this article, we will discuss the best free SEO extensions you can get on Chrome. By browsing the Google Chrome Webstore, you can find various SEO tools that can aid you in your SEO tasks with just one click. 

Read on to determine the SEO chrome extension that you’d want to add to your web browser right away.

Before diving into our list, you need to keep in mind that no two tools are alike. Some provide better link data, better keyword data, or even better technical suggestions. Simply put, the perfect SEO tool doesn’t exist. 

Without further ado, the 12 best free SEO Chrome extensions for 2022 are:

Chrome Extension #1: SEOquake by SEMrush

This Chrome extension is a multi-task SEO tool covering everything you need from keyword research, social metrics up to auditing.  

SEOquake by SEMrush

It supplies you with a good number of significant metrics for your website, including social statistics for Facebook and Google, SERPs analysis, internal and external link reports, among others. 

The tool also provides a keyword density report that aids you to have a better understanding of the keyword terms that you missed out on, which could prove beneficial.

SEOquake by SEMrush.1

Meanwhile, the diagnosis report gives you a breakdown of the on-page SEO elements on any of your site pages.

SEOquake by SEMrush.2

Finally, the most utilized SEOquake feature is the information it provides on every site that ranks when you perform a search on Google.

SEOquake by SEMrush.3

Get the SEOquake by SEMrush Chrome extension here.  

Chrome Extension #2: Meta SEO Inspector

Meta SEO Inspector

In the process of improving your website’s Google ranking, you’d want to steer clear of SEO-related technical issues. 

Seemingly minuscule elements, such as meta tags, actually have a significant impact on your site’s rankings. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that they’re fully optimized. Otherwise, your pages may not show up correctly when shared on social media, causing you to miss valuable web traffic. 

Meta SEO Inspector.1

As you can see here, the Chrome extension informs you that your title tag is too long or if you have a missing description and prompt you to apply fixes at once. 

Taking care of your meta tags is the first step in the direction of putting your website’s Technical SEO details in place. 
Get the Meta SEO Inspector Chrome extension here.

Chrome Extension #3: Redirect Path

Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a must-have extension to keep your website’s technical SEO up-to-date. 

Ensuring that all your links are in working condition is an integral part of having a healthy website. There’ll be instances wherein you have to change your URLs for various reasons. This is where redirects come in. 

Using the Redirect Path extension, you can ensure that redirects on your site are working correctly for an enhanced user experience that your site visitors can enjoy.

Fittingly, whenever you move or delete content on a given URL, you want your site visitors to be directed to a working URL instead of a 404 error page.

Chrome Extension #4: PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights

This Chrome extension for SEO is perfect for determining your webpage’s speed on mobile and desktop. Currently, load time is critical as it directly impacts your site’s rankings and sales conversions. Not to mention, at least 60% of online searches are conducted using mobile devices. 

Both end-users and search engines expect your website to load with speed and efficiency. Through the PageSpeed Insights extension, you can see the list of things you can do to improve the load times of your site’s pages right away. 

PageSpeed Insights.1

Clicking “need more” will provide you access to a detailed report that will give you insightful feedback on what errors to fix and give your rankings a boost over time. 

PageSpeed Insights.2

You may conveniently make page fixes and subsequently test a mobile or desktop page using the PageSpeed Insights extension to view different scores. 

Chrome Extension #5: SEO Search Simulator

SEO Search Simulator

When applied correctly, SEO effectively drives targeted visitors to your online site from anywhere in the world. However, the amount of traffic you’ll get depends, in no small part, on your site’s ranking in different geographic locations. 

With this free tool, you can change domains while searching for your target keyword in various places of your choice. You can quickly check and keep track of your website or your competitor’s rankings. 

Get the SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch here.

Chrome Extension #6: SimilarWeb

Using this tool allows you to see key metrics, such as website traffic, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, engagement rate, and traffic source.

The key feature of the SimilarWeb Chrome extension includes in-depth statistics for any website with just a single click, including: 

  • Visits Over Time – you can view the number of visits your web pages get. This information is broken down into specific details regarding a website’s bounce rate, monthly visits, each user’s average visit duration, and the number of pages browsed per visit. 
  • Website Rank – you’ll get an idea of how a specific website ranks worldwide, in a particular country, and in its own category. 
  • Geography – you can also know where the website’s visits are coming from, including the top countries and the percentage of visits from each one. 
  • Traffic Sources – get an overview of the various sources that send users to a particular website. The extension gives detailed insights, such as direct, search, email, social, display ads, among others, so you can better understand how traffic reaches an online site.

Chrome Extension #7: Buzzsumo

The type of high-quality content shared on social media is more likely to have competitive search engine rankings. 

Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that lets you search for the most popular and widely-shared online content regardless of topic. While surfing, you’ll chance upon articles, some of them from your competitor’s site. You may be wondering if this write-up made waves or not. 

The Buzzsumo Chrome extension provides the number of social shares a specific content is generating and the number of backlinks it was able to build. It displays relevant information that shows engagements on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter, together with the number of links and the write-up’s Evergreen score


You may also key in your competitor’s website for additional web pages to check which articles get the most backlinks and shares on social media. Knowing this information through the Buzzsumo Chrome extension will provide you with great ideas regarding the type of content you’d want to start creating.

Chrome Extension #8: LinkMiner

If you’re looking to take broken link checking to the next level, LinkMiner is the tool you’d want to use. 

Although broken link building is among the most effective methods of building backlinks for your site, it can be time-consuming and unrewarding without the aid of proper tools.


The LinkMiner Chrome extension scans different web pages for broken links and shows you the corresponding metrics for those. You may view backlink information and social data for any links on a page and even export those links into a CSV file.


Finally, with the aid of this incredible tool, you can find out how many links in total are on the page you’re currently viewing.

Check My Links.1

If you’re looking to review broken links to improve your website’s ranking, the Check My Links Chrome extension instantly provides what you need to know. 

Since internal links are as important as their external counterparts in boosting page rankings, you can do a better competitive analysis with the link data that the tool provides. 

Check My Links provide the internal links numbers you’ll find most useful when browsing pages on your website or even your competitors’.   

Not only will you see an overview, but the exact details of the links on the entire page, which the toll will highlight. 

You’ll notice the broken links at once since they’ll be highlighted in red. 

Check My Links

Chrome Extension #10: Keyword Surfer

This free Chrome extension lets you see search volumes directly in Google search results. It also provides keyword and backlink insights through Google’s interface. When you perform a search, you’ll see the global search volume together with the specific volume within your region. 

Keyword Surfer

As of its latest update, you can now find comparable keywords and analyze search volumes for over 70 countries. The tool is further enriched by new data points, including word count and the number of keywords found on top-ranking pages. 

Keyword Surfer.2

Keyword Surfer is the easiest way to acquire search data and perform keyword research. For every new search you do in Google, you’ll get meaningful data for your content and SEO strategy.

Chrome Extension #11: MozBar

MozBar is a free Chrome extension that helps do all your SEO on the go and simplifies the process of getting link metrics. It’s a handy tool to view link metrics for pages and domains as you search, as well as the page and domain authority and number of backlinks for those sites.


It also becomes handy when you’re browsing online for potential competitors. The MozBar SEO Chrome extension will immediately show you how your site is faring against theirs and direct you to the competition’s most authoritative pages so you can perform a competitive analysis right off the bat.


You may also opt for a MozPro Subscription to unlock additional MozBar features such as: 

  • Additional metrics allow you to dig deeper into your page and SERP analysis data with root domain and subdomain links. 
  • Page optimization that provides you page optimization detail and content suggestions instantly for keywords on any page. 
  • Keyword difficulty – this feature lets you view the keyword difficulty score of a search term on SERPs in real-time.

Chrome Extension #12: SEO Minion

SEO Minion

You can count on this Chrome extension to help you analyze your site’s on-page SEO and locate broken links and redirects. Further, you can utilize this tool to provide a preview of a search engine results page, as well as check Google rankings for your website across different locations.

SEO Minion.1

The complete list of tasks the SEO Minion free SEO tool can help you with are as follows: 

  • Check broken links – the tool will check every link on your web page and provide a report of all the links with issues.
  • Highlight Page Links – instantly view all links, both internal and external, on your web pages. 
  • Analyze on-page SEO – SEO minion helps you analyze the HTML of your webpage and give back useful information to aid in optimizing on-page SEO. 
  • Google Search Location Simulator – the tool allows you to view non-personalized google search results for a particular keyword on different locations and language combinations. 
  • Hreflang Checker – using the tool, you can check hreflang tag validity and the presence of return tags. 
  • SERP Preview – preview your online site on an actual Google search results page and make real-time updates. 
  • SERP Utilities – either copy or download URLs and data from search engine results pages. Whether organic, advert, local, product, video, fresh, image, News, and FAQ listings. 

Key TakeAway

Chrome is the most preferred browser by far, accounting for at least two-thirds of the browser market share worldwide. 

In digital marketing, more than 60% of marketers use this browser developed by Google. Such usage can be attributed to the influx of Chrome extensions, which are of great help in everyday SEO tasks. 

While there are many options, you don’t have to utilize all of them at once. With a particular tool or a combination of at most two, you can already keep track of your site’s status and ensure that it’s optimized. 

In a matter of time, you’ll figure out the ones that work well for you. In the meantime, you can try your hand at the different options available, starting with the extensions we mentioned above. 

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