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Google AdWords Management Company

In this day and age, you need to rely on Google Adwords if you want to showcase your products or services to the world. Not only will it significantly increase brand awareness, but it also comes with many features that allow you to reach more customers. Plus, it works faster even than SEO! Still, finding the best Google AdWords management company is easier said than done. So to help you out, below are the traits you should seek out when looking for one.

They Must Have Professional Certification

If the Google AdWords Management Company you’re considering doesn’t have Google Partners status, then best walk away. That’s because this status acts as their certification, indicating that they have demonstrated the skills and expertise needed to become decent Google Ads specialists. So obviously, you need to find the company that has earned this status.

Luckily, there are easy ways to do just that. First is by looking for the Google Partner badge on their website. You should also check if the experts they sent you have their own badges. That way, you’ll be able to tell if they’re legit or not. If you want to further verify a company’s Partner status, go to this link.

They Must Know How to Drive Revenue

Many Google AdWords agencies prioritize impressions, clicks, and visits. But while these are good metrics to track, it’s more important to focus on pushing a client’s growth and increasing their revenue along the way.


So best choose a company that does precisely that. That is, they must know how to optimize your online presence in such a way that your conversions and revenue will increase. It doesn’t matter how many clicks your site receives; if you can’t turn them into customers, you’re just stroking your ego.

They Must Have a Versatile Team

Successfully pulling off a Google AdWords campaign kind of feels like defeating a big baddie in the MCU; you need all the Avengers to assemble. So best make sure the company you’re considering provides you a team that will help you solve all your problems. 


In other words, the team must not only provide a sound PPC model. They must also have creatives that can help with conceptualization and execution of eye-catching advertisements. And they must have SEO specialists who can help you build or improve landing pages and content that can boost your rankings on search engines.

They Must Provide Full Transparency

Teaming up with a certified Google AdWords Management Company comes with many perks. Not least among these is the fact that you get to enjoy full transparency when dealing with them. This allows you to stay on track regarding the costs, impressions, clicks, and what-not. 


So look for the Google AdWords that’s willing to give you  access to all the reports. This includes metrics like keywords, clickthrough rates, impressions, account and ad group structure, etc. Furthermore, they need to be able to give a detailed account when asked about this or that advertising cost. If you can, you should even ask them about the information they usua;ly share with their clients.

They Must Offer a Process That Works

Starting an advertising agency is relatively easy now-a-days. In fact, you can establish one with just $500 and a dream! But if you want to enjoy the full benefits of Google AdWords, you need to pick a company that’s not just winging it.


So take a look at their processes and methodology. Great Google AdWords companies will take the time and effort to fully understand what your brand is all about. From gathering data about your target audience to providing creative solutions to your marketing problem, their process is usually holistic and in-depth. This allows them to deliver marketing and advertising campaigns that actually work.

They Must Have a Great Track Record

A great track record further helps validate the Google AdWords agency you’re checking out. If they can’t provide you with case studies or references to verify their skills and expertise, then not even the Google Partner badge will save them.


As a client, you shouldn’t doubt an advertising agency’s ability to deliver results. So be sure to check all their previous accomplishments. Gather as much information about them as you can. If possible, ask for references, case studies, anonymized campaign data, and before-and-after campaign data. You should also talk with their previous clients and ask about their experience.

They Must Be the Perfect Culture Fit

Believe it or not, culture is very important when looking for a Google Adwords agency. Not only does it ensure a good working relationship, but it also helps you achieve your advertising goals more effectively.


So while vetting the company you want to work with, check if their culture is compatible with your team’s. Check their values and attitudes at the workplace to see if they are aligned with yours. And observe if they have a hierarchical or non-hierarchical structure so you can get a glimpse of how they’ll treat you.

Find a Great Google AdWords Management Company

Working with a great Google AdWords management company is a must if you want more people to notice your products or services. So follow the tips above and find a great agency to team up with.

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