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As Google Algorithm changes, the strategies of SEO also blends in in order to adhere to SEO’s best practices. The strategies that used to work in 2008 may be considered spam or black hat in 2019. Royal Oak SEO is proven to be much updated in terms of strategies, best practices and applications.

SEO is quite complex, so if you can’t do it on your own to get results for your online business, hire an agency that is well-versed in everything related to SEO. That way, you are not only going to just sit back and relax while the complex part of running a website and branding your business is being done for you, you also get proven results like high quality traffic, lead and quality backlinks.

Royal Oak SEO: Going Ahead of Your Competitors

Aside from optimizing all major social media platforms in reaching targeted audiences for your website, reaching high PR is not enough. You should also strive in getting ahead of your competitors. Study the competition well and choose keywords properly. You’d want your customers to use when searching for products and services your business offers.

Royal Oak SEO increases your website’s authority and runs a full competitor analysis in order to track your site progress.

SEO Best Practices: On-Page Checklist

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Content with targeted keywords phrases
  • Header tags and keyword phrases
  • Internal page linking with anchor text
  • Image ALT tags and filenames
  • Easy to read content
  • Meta Keywords

SEO Best Practices: Off-Page Checklist

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Creating Shareable Content
  • Guest Author Contribution
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Popular and high PR Bookmarking Sites
  • Forum Submission

Search Engine Optimization: What Not to Do

  • Avoid keyword stuffing – Dilutes ranking signals. Your written content would be a little difficult to read if it is full of keywords. Using LSI (latent semantic indexing) keyword is highly recommended to maintain the quality of your content.
  • Using Low Quality Links – Don’t just focus on the quality of your incoming links. Keep in mind that external links are also important. Make sure that your external links all lead to quality content.
  • Not Updating Your Site on a Regular Basis – it’s impossible to see any rankings increase from an inactive domain. Stay active on your website and add fresh content regularly.
  • Not Following Google’s On-Site Optimization Guidelines – As Google is constantly updating its best practices, make sure you stay updated with the changes. This would also avoid your site from being penalized.
  • Not Caring About Your Site Speed – If your site takes too long to respond, the visitors wouldn’t stay. It’s best to check your site’s functionality on a regular basis. If your site speed is slowing down, it’s time to address the issue to improve your load time.

If you need help getting your website to rank on the first page, you need the excellent services of a Royal Oak SEO. Reach Digital is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses improve their online visibility.

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