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Being featured in search engine results listings is harder than ever due to Google’s update on its algorithm with local listings. Many webmasters are pulling their hair out to have a great local SEO performance in order to obtain a better online visibility.

How Important Is Being On The Top Of Search Rankings?

We all know being on the first page is what really matters, especially via search engine results. No one really cares if you are on the bottom, let alone being on the second page. Don’t even bother if you aren’t even on the third page.

Local SERP’s, or search engine results pages, are highly competitive enough. But then Google chooses to make some revisions with paid ads that decreases organic results to the SERP’s lower parts.

Meaning, SEOs need to provide two or three times the efforts before seeing any results.

Luckily, it is not all bad news. You just need to tweak a few things in order to improve your local search rankings

Here are 3 tips to boost your local SEO campaign.

  • Update Your Business’ Information

Google’s recent update on local SERP’s made everything harder. The once “local 7-pack” view has now been changed into “local 3-pack” view. Now, it is twice as hard to be featured in local SERP’s.

In order to maximize how often your clients will find your business in local SERP’s, you will need to build a lot of citations, optimize and update your business information, and increase your reviews in your Google My Business page.

This can assist your business’s local search ranking on Google and boost your visibility in Maps and Searches.

  • Fill Out Local Listings

A great way to bring more traffic to your website is to fill out local listings because they give great backlinks. Moreover, filling out listings like niche directories and citations can significantly improve your SEO by creating your business identity at the top of every local search results.

For any niche directory or citation, you need to make sure that the information you are giving is complete and consistent and is not just to be listed anywhere. You need to build niche directories and citations that add value.

Citations and directories are created almost every day, so your business should be listed to send you referral traffic. Also, a good reminder would be to properly check the listing’s backlinks and history to prevent including bad links from spam sites.

  • Creating Buzz about your Business

Now that people can find your business, the last thing you need to do is to give them a reason to find you.

You can create articles and blogs to effectively communicate with your community. This is a great way to create a good bond and impression with your customers. However, try to avoid creating shallow, boring content. Google loves insightful, informative, detailed, and relevant content. Consider social signals, as these trends are really working (especially recently) in terms of monitoring the buzz.

These are what all search engines look for in order to push you to the top of the results page.


Google will keep updating their algorithms, that’s a fact. Staying visible online will continue to be a daunting task, especially to those who are not well-versed on the technical aspects.

Fortunately, there are many companies who would love to take on the challenge of SEO for you. In order for your business to stay on top of the search rankings, you have to be active in SEO.

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