How Reach Digital Helped Boost an Online
Lending Broker’s Organic Traffic

Campaign Length

19 MO

Organic Keywords

1 K

Monthly Budget

$ 1 K

Organic Traffic

500 +

Campaign Length

11 MO

Organic Keywords

0 K

Monthly Budget

$ 1 K

Organic Traffic

+ 500 %

For a certain online lending broker, more organic traffic meant more potential borrowers discovering their services. Thanks to Reach Digital, they saw their site’s organic traffic suddenly go from non-existent to hundreds. This case study explores how they managed to pull off this feat.


The subject of this case study is an online lending broker that aims to help small business owners find the best loan products for their needs.


When this broker approached Reach Digital in 2021, their online presence was virtually non-existent. Their website had zero visitors at the time. They also did not rank for any keywords. And though they have a single referring domain, no other websites link to them.

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SEO Strategy & Execution

To help address these issues, Reach Digital recommended that they get more keywords, create new blogs, and build backlinks. So as part of our SEO strategy for them, we focused on the following tactics:

Keyword Research​

We looked for the words and phrases people use when searching online for loan products or other things finance-related. These include “unsecured working capital loan”, “SBA loans”, “accounts receivable financing”, and “retail financing”.

Content Creation

We made interesting stuff for the broker’s website using those keywords. Our writers wrote blogs and guest posts, improved existing pages, and created other content that people like to read.

On-Page SEO

We made their website easy to find by using those keywords in the website’s titles, headings, and other strategic places. We also ensured everything on the website was easy to use so people would like it and stay longer.

Off-Page SEO

We created a list of highly relevant and high domain authority websites and then reached out to them in exchange for a link or a guest blog. We also used social media to tell people about their website.

Technical SEO

Finally, we fixed all the nuts and bolts behind the scenes to ensure that the broker’s website worked smoothly and quickly. We made sure everything was working right and easy to use, as well as fixed broken links and improved their website’s mobile responsiveness.

SEO Results

A little over a year later, their SEO performance improved significantly. By October 2022, they managed to earn:

  • 158 Referring Domains
  • 474 Organic Traffic
  • 466 Ranking Keywords

These gains helped increase the broker’s credibility and authority for search engines. At the same time, our strategy helped search engines rank their pages, and enabled potential customers to find their website more quickly. Ultimately, our tactics helped them strengthen their online presence, improve brand visibility, and increase their conversion rate.



Reach Digital’s strategic combination of keyword research, content creation, and SEO  helped boost the broker’s online visibility and organic traffic. Today, their website is still going strong and will continue to do so as it follows Reach Digital’s blueprint.

But these tactics aren’t just applicable to lending companies. You can also use them to create a successful SEO roadmap for your own business. By partnering with Reach Digital today, you can unlock your brand’s full potential and drive further traffic to your website. Contact Reach Digital today to find out more.

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