Financial Services Company Case Study

Below is a detailed case study about a client of ours in the financial services industry that got great results working with us.

The client is on our Managed SEO program.

Campaign Length

19 MO

Organic Keywords

379 +

Monthly Budget

$ 1 K

Organic Traffic

500 +

Organic Users

436 %+

Organic Sessions

379 %+

Monthly Budget

$ 1 K

Organic Traffic

150 %+

When the client started with us they were receiving almost no traffic. The company was new and so was the website. The owner did know where to start and they wanted a strategy that was going to target the mid and bottom of funnel keywords. Goal was to drive leads.

The SEO Audit

The first thing we always do is audit the site to see if it has any major underlying issues.

Since the website was new it was missing some of the basic and the on-page SEO needed to be improved to bring it up to best practice standards.

Keyword Research

For keyword research, we first started by looking at what the website was already ranking for. We call those keywords our “Quick-Win” opportunities. Typically those are keywords ranking Pages 1 – 4 on Google. 

This was a new website so they weren’t ranking for any keywords.

Seeing how the website didn’t rank for anything we began working on a Content Gap Analysis.

Content Gap Analysis

Content Gap Analysis are to look at what the competitors are doing and see if we can find a gap in the content that they have vs the client. In this case, the client did not have any content and we analyzed the competitor’s sitemaps.

We found hundreds of keywords with search volumes from 150-3,000 monthly searches. The PPC costs for those keywords were high dollar clicks. These were important to target for conversion opportunities.

We then worked with the client to select the best keywords to start with. 

Once the keywords were selected we went on to planning the SEO strategy.

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SEO Strategy & Execution

With a solid understanding of the client’s optimization needs, strategic keywords, and competitive landscape, we launched an all-encompassing managed SEO campaign. Here are the key tactics we implemented:

Stage 1

  • Improved the on-page SEO
  • Planed out a content calendar
  • Built citation backlinks
  • Guest blog plubications

Stage 2

  • Created service pages for industries
  • Created blog posts
  • Continued building citations
  • Multiple guest blogs

Stage 3

  • Created blog posts
  • Continued building citations
  • Multiple guest blogs

SEO Results

Ahrefs campaign screenshot financial company organic traffic and keywords

Since there wasn’t any content before this started. We were able to see tremendous growth in a very short timeframe including multiple keywords ranking in the top 5 of Google.

From 0 keywords to 13,000 Keywords in a few short months! 210 in the top 3.

As a result, the client experienced heightened brand awareness, cementing their position as a reputable and trustworthy online financial services provider.

According to Ahrefs, they now have:

keywords are currently on the first page of Google.
keywords are in the coveted top 3 positions.
keywords rank between positions 4 and 10

Keywords are currently on the first page of Google.


Keywords are in the coveted top 3 positions.


Keywords rank between positions 4 and 10

+ 1462 %

What This Means for Your Brand

Our client’s success speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our tailored SEO strategies. By partnering with us, they significantly increased organic search traffic, boosted conversions, and established themselves as industry leaders.

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