Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing SEO Services
Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing SEO Services

Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing SEO Services

With time, effort, and training, you’ll be able to learn Search Engine Optimization and enjoy its benefits. But until you master it, you should consider outsourcing SEO services instead.

Outsourcing SEO services for your local business comes with several pros and cons. You need to know what these are before starting your headhunt. That way, you can find the best SEO experts for your company.

Below, you’ll learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with an SEO outsourcing company to reach new markets and grow your online visibility. Also included are a few tips when outsourcing your SEO, as well as a few other important things. So buckle up, and read on below.

What’s Good About Outsourcing SEO Services

White label SEO is a game-changer for agencies and businesses aiming to broaden their services without diving into the complexities of SEO themselves. By teaming up with specialized providers, companies can offer top-notch SEO solutions under their own brand, impressing clients and expanding their service offerings in a way that actually works.

Here’s how getting outsourced SEO services can help you.

Saves Time

By outsourcing your SEO, you’ll free up your time to focus on the other parts of your business.  This allows you to enhance core functions and tackle any recent challenges more effectively. Leveraging the expertise of SEO outsourcing companies not only optimizes your online presence but also lets you concentrate on growth and innovation in other key areas of your business.

Reduces Costs

Outsourcing SEO service may not be cheap, but it allows you to reduce costs in the long run. In fact, it’s even more affordable to outsource than to build your own in-house SEO team. Aside from the money you’ll have to spend for their tools and training, you will need to deal with their compensation, benefits, etc.

Improves Efficiency

Through their skills and expertise, SEO outsourcing companies  can help improve the efficiency of your business by reducing the need for your staff to multitask. In time, this will lead to better productivity in your company, as well as a smoother work process.

Stay On Top Of The Latest SEO Strategies

SEO marketing is extremely dynamic, continuously evolving as new technology and techniques get introduced. Plus, the algorithms of search engines keep getting updated. Through outsourced SEO services, you can stay up to date with these changes, allowing your business to enjoy the latest strategies and tricks to optimize your website.

Leverage Quality White Label SEO 

Outsourcing SEO to specialists is essential for ensuring your business maintains a strong online presence. These white label SEO experts handle everything from establishing a robust link-building network to crafting high-quality content for your website, helping you develop and execute a top-notch SEO campaign. 

Disadvantages of Outsourcing SEO Services

Just like in any business decision, outsourcing SEO to another company can come with some disadvantages. Here are some of them:

Outsourcing Costs

While more affordable than building an in-house team, outsourcing SEO services is still something you need to pay for. In some cases, you’ll even have to pay a premium just so your business can keep enjoying quality SEO.

Loss of Managerial Control

Another downside of getting an SEO outsourcing company is that you need to give the professionals you hire some leeway to build and execute their marketing campaigns. And more often than not, you’re virtually hands off from these processes. That’s why you need to hire only the outsource SEO service providers you can trust. You need to make sure they let you in on every detail of their process, as well as keep you in the loop at all times.

Quality Issues

Although outsourced SEO companies can deliver work that meets your standards, it might still be subject to a couple of quality issues. This is mainly because they have other clients to deal with, and their attention is divided to make sure they allot their time and effort equally. To avoid facing quality issues, you need to hire companies that can exclusively assign specialists to your business. That way, you can enjoy undivided time and attention, minimizing the risk of quality issues as you go.

Security Risks

What’s more, outsourcing SEO services opens you up to certain security risks. So before hiring an outsider, consider the proprietary company data and other confidential information (e.g., payroll list, medical records, etc) your business has. Make sure to evaluate the agencies you’re considering before hiring them. If possible, have them sign a non-disclosure contract.

Outsourcing Process

Lastly, finding the best SEO outsourcing company is not easy. With so many companies claiming to offer quality SEO services, it can get really challenging to sift through the bad ones. Aside from their core processes, you also need to take a look at their work ethic and what previous clients say about them.

Tips When Outsourcing White Label SEO Services

Regardless of its pros and cons, outsourcing white label SEO services is still a surefire way for your business to have a decent Google ranking and online presence. So if you want your brand’s name to become well-known, better consider working with an SEO professional. To help you find the right specialists or agencies, follow these tips:

Know Your Goals

Why do you need SEO in the first place? Do you want to digitalize your business? Or are you simply looking for ways to reach out to more customers? Whatever your endgame is, you need to determine it before you begin outsourcing SEO services. That way, you can prepare your budget and timeframe accordingly.

Choose Which SEO Tasks to Outsource

With your goals in mind, it’s important to identify the specific SEO tasks you want to outsource. Outsourcing SEO in this way helps you stay within your budget and enables the agency or freelancer to deliver more effective services. Make sure the professionals you choose are well-versed in the following areas to ensure you get the best results: 

  • SEO strategies
  • SEO audits
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page, Off-page, and Off-site SEO
  • Link building
  • Guest article outreach
  • Content Writing
  • Directory optimization
  • Forum and social media posting

Prepare Your Budget

Next, you have to come up with the money for the outsourcing. Now while doing this, you should determine how long you’ll hire the SEO outsourcing company. If you only need project-based SEO, then you only need to adjust your budget once. But if you’re looking for an agency or specialist that will provide ongoing outsourced SEO services, then you need to make sure they are part of your business’ monthly expenses.

Screen Your Candidates

As soon as you iron out the details above, time to make a list of the SEO outsourcing companies  you’re considering. Once you’re done with this, screen each candidate thoroughly. Check their previous experience, particularly how long they’ve been working in the SEO industry and what strategies they employ. At the same time, check how well-versed they are with the latest SEO tools, especially those needed for the tasks you want done. More importantly, check their previous works and ask their former clients regarding their experience.

Choose the Best SEO Outsourcing Company

Then all that’s left to do is choosing the best SEO outsourcing company from your list. Have a contract made to list everything you expect from their services (and what they expect in return). To minimize the risk of confidential information leaking out, also have a NDA-contract made.

What To Avoid When Choosing An SEO Outsourcing Company

When outsourcing SEO service, you expect to receive improved rankings on search engines, organic traffic growth, and increased revenue, among many things. To ensure you get these and more, you need to hire the right people. Aside from following the tips above, you also need to avoid the following agencies or freelancers:

Black-Hat SEO Specialists

In case you didn’t know, there are three kinds of SEO specialists out there: white-hat, black-hat, and gray-hat. To ensure your website doesn’t get penalized or taken down by Google and other search engines, you need to stick with the white-hats. So while screening out your candidates, check if they practice the following:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Automating content
  • Adding hidden texts and links
  • Making devious redirects
  • Creating websites or pages with low-quality or duplicate content

These are black-hat techniques, and they will put your website in jeopardy if you’re not careful.

Overpromising SEO Agencies

With SEO becoming increasingly important for many businesses, you shouldn’t be surprised that there are lots of people out there who claim to be SEO experts. But while many of them can deliver quality work, others resort to making flamboyant or false promises instead. If you want to land the best agency when outsourcing SEO service, then you need to avoid these shady individuals.

So for starters, avoid SEO outsourcing companies  or freelancers who promise to get your website ranked quickly. Like it or not, building your brand’s online presence and reputation will take time and effort. On average, it will take around 3 to 6 months before you get results. If someone promises otherwise, then give them the boot.

The same goes for outsourced SEO experts who claim they can guarantee good rankings for your website. Legitimate SEO provides don’t make such claims. And as mentioned above, building your website’s reputation will take time.

Outsource SEO Services from the Right People

While it has its challenges and risks, outsourcing SEO services can still help you ensure your business’ online presence and reputation. By hiring the right people, you can rest assured that your brand’s name will spread far and wide, increasing your profits along the way.

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