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SEO can help you effectively attract more people to your website and brand. By implementing the best and most up to date SEO strategies, you’ll gain an edge over your competitors and ensure your site ranks high on Google and other search engine platforms.

Now with SEO constantly changing and evolving, it can get quite challenging to stay on top of the latest trends. So to make things easier for you, below is a list of tools that will help you spot and follow the best SEO trends.

Google Trends

If you’re looking for the trend tracking tool that will let you see what everyone is searching, Google Trends is your best bet. This tool basically helps you identify, track, and compare up to five SEO trends, as well as see how often and what regions they’ve been searched on Google. For example, if you enter the keyword “best SEO trends” into Google Trends, this toll will show you how frequently people have searched  and the sub-regions where the query was made.

Additionally, Google Trends will also show you how trendy your own website’s topics are, as well as which regions have searched and viewed your content. So even if you’re not interested in tracking SEO trends, you can still rely on this tool to bolster your SEO game plan.


BuzzSumo is a cloud based app that allows you to identify popular, trending content, backlinks, and influencers more easily. Encouraging users to generate fresh ideas from their content insights, it will help you create better content, monitor your website’s performance, and spot influencers.

BuzzSumo’s platform has four notable features: Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring. Discover gives your access to the app’s high-performing content to gain more likes, links, and shares. Research allows you to hone your marketing strategy by analyzing data. Influencers helps you find influential people who can potentially boost your brand. And Monitoring enables you to track trends and comments, as well as grab new opportunities.


Hashtags have become increasingly important over the years, especially since they’re heavily used on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Through Hashtagify, you’ll find the right hashtags for SEO.

Through the information Hashtagify provides, you’ll easily spot any SEO trends and respond accordingly. This tool identifies hashtags based on popularity, influencers, market trends, and correlations. Their data even shows the languages used in queries, as well as spelling variations in the keywords. By taking advantage of these variables, you’ll effectively enjoy the latest and hottest SEO topics, as well as use competitive analysis to monitor competitors.


Talkwalker is a platform that specializes in social listening, analytics, and reporting. With their help, you can monitor SEO trends and topics online, allowing you to stay updated and enabling you to respond accordingly.

To spot SEO trends using Talkwalker, simply enter “SEO trends” or any similar keywords in their search bar. The platform will then give you a snapshot containing the relevant KPIs, including demographics, related hashtags, and total mentions, to name a few. Talkwalker relies on advanced AI to spot the most relevant information, and they monitor search results in real-time. And in contrast to other free trend tracking tools, they offer comprehensive consumer, marketing, and communications intelligence to enterprises.

Youtube Culture & Trends

As the second biggest search engine in the world (right behind Google), Youtube provides a veritable mine of interesting content and trending topics. YouTube Culture & Trends serves as a public storage for such data. Utilizing this site will help you learn new SEO trends, as well as gain accurate statistics that will help you understand your target audience better.

Now there are four types of data to check out when accessing Youtube Culture & Trends. YouTube Data and Statistics features verified information about creators, videos, and trends. YouTube Records lists some of the top ranking videos and channels on Youtube. Explainers and Spotlights allows you to connect data points with larger treds. And Deep Dives bring numbers to life by adding context and visualizations. The best part is, all information and data on YouTube Culture & Trends can be accessed without further permission.

Find SEO Trends With These Tools

With so many free and paid trend tracking tools out there, creating SEO marketing strategies based on trends has never been easier. However, not all SEO trends are created equal, and some are more relevant than others. By using the tools listed above, you’ll be able to navigate through this forest of information until you find the best trends to follow.

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