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Google mentioned that their algorithm is most likely to generate a mobile-friendly website over normal websites. Mobile-friendly websites make use of responsive Web Design Troy. And responsive web design is just all about making your website easy to use on any phone or tablet. It is to help create a positive brand reinforcement through superb customer experience with the customer-centered feel of your site.

Let us explain to you how adopting a responsive web design for your website help boost your organic ranking.

  1. Increases mobile traffic

Majority of us use our phones to browse online. And we know how frustrating it can get when we end up in a site wherein we have to figure out how to navigate through it. Almost all of us immediately just opt to visit another site which has a responsive Web Design. That means that by using a responsive web design you allow more web users to access your site which improves your SEO ranking.

  1. Your website loads faster

We all want instant everything in this day and age. Even google mentioned that one of the major SEO ranking factors is associated with how fast your web page loads. With responsive design, your page is able to load faster because it compresses the features and pages in order to fit any phone or tab while full websites take time to load.

  1. Improving your rank by lowering the bounce rate.

It’s just so counterproductive to invest in creating a website, boost its SEO only for people to leave immediately! Well, I guess creating a website is just not enough to cater to your customers anymore. You must create a wholesome customer experience with your website and studies show that having a responsive web design lowers your bounce rate. Lower bounce rate means higher organic ranking!

  1. No penalizing for what Google may think is a duplicate content

Creating two different versions of your site makes Google think that there is a duplication in content thus penalizing you. But with responsive web design, you do not have to create 2 different sites to cater to both computers and phones. Having only one link avoids confusion and clicking the wrong one. Organic rank goes up because link-building becomes easier with you just using one link.

Web Design Troy

At the end of the day, what matters most is how your customers feel when they use your website. Clearly, a responsive Web Design Troy helps in creating a superb customer experience that boosts your organic ranking. If you want to know more about how you make your website stand out to your customers you can visit our website or contact us through our hotline (248-838-8810).

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