Local Business Listings & Citation Building Service

Make it easier for your customers to find you through local business directory listings and citations

What are Local Business Listings?

Reach Digital’s local business listing packages places your business online – company name, address, contact details, and more – for potenrial customers to see.

Our strategies are based on the data we gather after crawling hundreds of top ranking local pages.

  • Data-Driven Strategies
    Strategies based on years of experiences and proven results
  • Personalized Campaigns
    Custom campaigns based on your needs
  • Seamlessly Sync with Your Linkbuilding Strategies
    Our campaigns can seamlessly sync with your organic link building efforts
  • Regular Reporting
    You always know what’s going on in your campaign
  • Complete Auditing
    Know what needs fixing with our complete auditing
  • Valuable Local Citations
    Improve site authority and credibility with valuable citations
  • Everything is Yours
    Everything is Yours
    Everything we build during our business listing is yours – profile, log in info, and more
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Full Business Listings Audit

Consistency is crucial in order to have a successful Local SEO campaign. For every campaign, we start with a full citation audit.

A complete audit takes time since we need to organize correct and incorrect citations to prevent duplication of effort.

Once the audit is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report and a game plan on how to fix incorrect citations.

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Local Citations Building

Local directory citations is the foundation of every local SEO strategy. Given its importance, we make sure that you’re found in the leading directories for your industry.

Every business is unique, so every directory is different. We typically use three methods to determine which directories to submit for each client.

1. Competitor Directories:
We use the keywords you’re ranking for and find our which citations are important for your business.

Competitor Review Directories:
Our team will scrape competitor review directories to look for Google’s trusted directories.

3. Ego Directories:
These are the most popular directories with the most traffic and authority.

We acquire the most important directories and provide instructions for others that you need to verify (usually via phone call). We’ll also give you a report on the progress made, including the login information.
We’ll do two manual outreach efforts to make the citations. If there are citations that do not respond after two tries, we can give you the email logins if you would like to continue the process.

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Citations with Geo-Tagged Photos and Videos

We add geo-tagged photos and videos, citations, and links to our directory submissions.

Submit at least 10 branded images and we’ll do the rest. Our process involves optimizing and uploading, including the geo-meta data. We forward these images to credible hosting sources to create high-authority links.

We can also add video slideshows with pictures, text, transitions, and music. Just like the photos, we fully optimize the video, including geo-meta data and submit it to reputable video hosting sites to create high authority links.

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Social Media Citations

We can’t ignore the power of social media when it comes to business listing and citations.

Our business listing services will help you stay ahead of your competitors through social media citatations. We carefully create manual submissions and add photos, videos, and content, resulting to high authority links and citations. We then submit them to popular social media platforms.

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A Comprehensive Citation Audit

With RD’s business listing audit, we will do everything we can to improve your online presence and make it easier for your customers to find you.

We value transparency, so we’ll deliver you a comprehensive white label report including the following information:

  • Incorrect and citations
  • Correct citations
  • NAP variations
  • Aggregator citations


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