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We are all aware of the power that comes with optimizing SEO correctly. The constant website traffic and quality leads are the results of a successful SEO campaign.  However, sometimes business owners overlook another key ingredient to convert those leads to a sale. That key ingredient is a mobile-friendly web development troy for your website!

Here are the reasons why you should not ignore the actual design of your website and what are the key elements to consider for quality web development to support your SEO.

  1. Smart Keyword Placement.

Knowing where to put your keywords is very important! Make use of keywords you want to rank for and incorporate it when creating the static pages of your website. Make sure to include keywords in your heading and subheading. Secondary keywords are also helpful in adding an extra boost to your ranking.

  1. Compress your images.

Speed is one of the factors that affect your organic ranking. Sad to say that some of the images we upload on our website slow down the page loading speed. You should make sure that you compress your images to optimize the speed.

  1. Upgrade to a mobile-friendly web development troy.

Our lives revolve around our mobiles! From mobile e-commerce to mobile banking, social media and a bunch of other things, we used to live without! The trend has changed and we, as business owners, obviously need to adapt to these changes. Investing in an upgrade for your website to have a responsive design will help in your organic ranking. Google stated that its algorithm is most likely to display websites that are mobile-friendly over normal websites. It is an opportunity for your business to grow because of the accessibility a responsive web design creates for you. It is a big plus for customers!

  1. Keep SEO in mind while developing your website.

Research on what could help boost your SEO and integrate those factors in developing your website. Google’s algorithm constantly changes with time to serve the community better with the information that they really need. Make sure your website is easy to navigate to avoid bounce-back on-site visits. It is also important to create an impact on your customers the moment they visit your website. Create a positive personal over-all experience for every user.  Therefore, not only do you have to create a website for search engines but you also have to cater to your customers.

Web Development Troy

Overall, a functional website does not have to be ugly, or an aesthetically pleasing website does not have to be non-functional. We can incorporate both web design, web development troy and SEO to optimize your business’ growth. Our world is constantly changing and we need to keep up with it. We at Reach Digital Group help you with your digital marketing to make sure your competitors do not out-rank you! Get started and contact us now!

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