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Web design in Detroit seems so easy nowadays. With today’s fast internet speed and advanced technology, web designers (and those who aspire to be) are no longer restricted to the limitations that used to make web design a challenge.

If you want to try your hands at web designing, there are some basic principles that you need to know first. It is important to be familiar with the basics before you delve deeper into the details and complexities of the tasks you will be facing.

Here, we’ll share with you some of the things you need to know and get familiar with so that you can be more confident in web design in Detroit.

Grid Systems

Since the codex was invented during the 1st Century, the way people read has been determined by the grid. Many variations have emerged that involve various arrangements of columns and rows.

Imagine how images and texts are arranged in magazines, newspapers, and books. These are the same kind of arrangements applied on the web. They have worked before and they continue to work now. It is best to stick with such arrangements because they are effective.

Visual Hierarchy

For many societies, people read from left going to the right, and from top to bottom. But you have to consider that our reading behavior is actually more complex than this. Especially on the Internet, most of us scan the page rather than read each word of the content.

To respond to this pattern, a good web page is one that has a “Z” shape or an “F” shape. Along these common axes where people usually scan, you can place the essential elements of your page – such as your key image, logo, or call to action.

Fonts & Colors

You need to use fonts that are easy on the eyes. To help you choose which fonts to use, here are some basic guidelines that you can get familiar with and apply when doing web design in Detroit.

For headlines, use Serif fonts – You should remember that the serif fonts are meant to be used for the headlines. This is because when they are smaller, they become difficult to read. With the body text, you can use sans-serif.
Use a minimal number of fonts – In web design, you want things to be simple and clutter-free. So, to do this effectively, keep the number of fonts to a bare minimum. Use two to three only and no more than that.
Select a font that doesn’t take up too much space – There are certain font files that just take up too much space. Be careful in choosing your fonts because this can slow down the time it takes for your website to load.
The principle for applying color is simple: never overdo it. Just like fonts, keep the colors minimal. Use just around two to three. When choosing colors, consider those who have color blindness. Be careful in selecting the colors that you pair together. You can start by choosing ones that are complementary to each other.

Wrapping it Up

These are the basics of web design. If you feel that this is something you want to do, you will surely have fun learning more about it. However, if this seems daunting or overwhelming, there are easier ways to get the same results… you could always hire an expert. There are plenty of professionals who specialize in web design in Detroit. A simple search on the Internet will provide you with a good list. You can start from there. But if you do have the time and the patience, web designing is still a fun and useful skill to learn.

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