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So you have a local business, and you want to reach out to more prospective customers. How do you do this? Go online and build a website. You may have one already, but maybe you do not see any significant changes in the store visits or sales. Why is this so? There can be several factors. It’s not enough that you have a website for your local business. You have to make it easily accessible to your audience. You can build an SEO-friendly website on your own while you can also tap web design Detroit firms to help you out. Either way, it will be highly beneficial that you know how it works. In this article, we’ll share some steps that you can take to get started. Covering the Basics
Before we delve deeper into the inner workings of web design, let’s first define some terms. We’ll let you get acquainted with the terms “website design,” “architecture,” and “user experience.” Website Design
This term refers to how your website looks and feels like for the visitor. This can include your logo, layout, color palette, and page elements. If the website for your local business looks really good and is of high quality, it will not only be attractive to your visitors, but it will also establish trust and authority because of its professional impression. Architecture
With the term “architecture,” what is being referred to is the website’s structure. This includes the navigation system as well as how your site pages can lead the visitors to other pages through the use of links. Good website architecture makes intuitive and sensible paths for visitors which ensure that they will be able to access different pages easily or go back to previous pages without any trouble. User Experience
Just as the term pertains to, this is about the experience of the visitor when utilizing your website. Some things to consider to ensure great user experience are the functionality, navigation, and speed of your website. Visitors shouldn’t have a hard time when it comes to placing their order, calling customer support, finding business information, and others. If you can guarantee that the visitor will have an awesome experience with your site, then you will see improvements in the traffic as well as sales on your website.

Now that you know these basics, you are on your way to creating a website for your local business that will attract visitors and make them stay and want to look around. With all these three put to good use together, you can be sure that the visitors of your site will have an easy time browsing your website pages. What are the Elements of a Good Web Design?
There is a wide variety of local businesses in your city alone. It can include party supplies, medical equipment, computer parts, and so on. So, when it comes to how a local business site should look like, there’s no strict standard for it. What’s important on a website is that it is attractive to visitors and it is user-friendly. Here are some of the elements of a good web design that can help you assess your website. Responsive Design
The design of your website should be responsive to various types of screen. Visitors should be able to view your contents in their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Having a mobile-friendly design for your site will also help you in getting better rankings in the Google search results. Professional Look
You want your visitors to trust your brand. Before they even read any content on your blog, visitors already have their assumptions about your company just by looking at your website. Take advantage of this by making sure that your website looks professional. This is important because it will instill trust to your visitors. Not Distracting
You may be tempted to put as many elements on your website. There are so many, and you may think that it will make the site look more attractive. Be careful in doing so because pop-ups and autoplay videos may just distract or annoy your visitors. Take a minimalist approach to designing your site. Only put elements that will help in guiding your visitors in navigating your website.

The choices you have when it comes to choosing the elements of design for your website can be confusing. You may want to place them all and see what works. What you find attractive may be irritating for your customers. You have the option to do things on your own in designing your website. If you like to experiment and you find the process enjoyable, then by all mean, do so. However, if you want a pro to do it, then there are also web design Detroit companies ready to help you with that. Choosing Your Web Design Detroit Firm
This section is for those who are thinking about getting a professional to create their website for them. Here are the things you should ask the designer to make sure that they will be able to deliver the kind of web design that can help your local business grow. Do you know how to create an SEO-friendly web design?
What is your experience in Local SEO?
Can you show me past works with previous clients?
What is in your mind when designing a website: the visitors’ experience or to rank better?
These are the basic questions you want to ask the designer for your site. These questions will reveal their knowledge and experience in building an SEO-friendly website for your local business. The last question is important because while you aim to secure both – giving the visitors a great experience and also ranking better in the Google results – it is vital that you put user experience first. Conclusion
When you have a website ready, don’t stop there. Keep in mind that you have to maintain it. Always keep your visitors updated with what’s going on with your local business such as promos, events, and other activities that will attract more visitors to come to your store. Soon enough, you will see significant changes in your visits and sales.

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