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Blogging is a continuous process that requires you to write and post blogs regularly. When writing relevant and informative content to entice more readers and gain a competitive ranking on SERPs, you should consider submitting your writeups to blog submission sites and directories. But what exactly do these websites do?

What are Blog Submission Sites and Directories?

Blog submission sites with a high Domain Authority (DA) score will help make your blog visible to a larger audience. They help promote your blog while only asking you to provide basic information about your blog upon submission. You can count on these blog directories to help boost your blog’s search engine ranking and overall performance.

Why Submit Your Blog to Free Directories and Top Blog Submission Sites? vgg

Blog directories provide a platform where you can meet other content creators who share the same interests in your niche. As you’re aware, backlinks significantly impact your page visits and search engine rankings. Blog submission sites often give do-follow backlinks to your blog posts or the blog itself. You’ll find these links useful in helping your blog gain credibility and a solid online reputation.

Major search engines, specifically Google, value blog directory links and regard your content with more weight when ranking them in search engine results pages (SERPs).

The main benefits of submitting your blog to top blog submission sites and directories include: 

Free Marketing

If readers find your blog useful, they will most likely recommend it to others. They can post or share your link on social media platforms or email the information to other people. As a result, they indirectly promote your piece and your brand for free.

If you run a business website, you must be aware of the importance of backlinks or links found on other websites pointing back to yours. Acquiring them tends to be more fruitful if the blog directory site is popular and highly rated.

Improved Ranking on SERPs

Submitting your blog to directories and submission sites helps promote your site, business, and brand. Having said this, keep in mind that search engines give more weight to websites linked to by more people and other sites. This means that writing a blog with the right keywords relevant to your brand or business can help your website rank well in SERPs.

Additional Source of Content Creation Ideas

By browsing through the top categories of articles written by fellow bloggers, you can find new submission opportunities and gain fresh content creation ideas.

Improved Relationship with your Audience

By asking relevant questions and engaging through feedback or comments at the end of your blog, you’re effectively improving your relationship with your readers through engagement. While you’re at it, you can discuss product and business updates with existing and prospective clients to drive interest even further.

Important: Before submitting your blog, take the time to verify the submission site’s DA score. If you submit to a directory with low DA, Google may penalize your blog for having low-quality backlinks, which can cause it to move down in search results instead of up.  

Finally, keep in handy basic information about your blog. Most blog directories will require you to provide any or all of the following, so make sure to store them somewhere they’re easy to retrieve: 

  • Title of your blog and blog post
  • URL of your blog and blog post
  • Brief description of what your blog or blog post is about
  • Meta description
  • Your name, email, and other contact information 

Top 10 Free Blog Submission Sites in 2022


DA: 93 PA: 76 

Like Google Reader before it was discontinued, Bloglovin’ lets you subscribe to your favorite blogs and read new posts without jumping from one website to another. It also aggregates RSS feeds, so if you submit your blog to this site, you’ll enable other users to discover your latest posts.  


DA: 68 PA: 65

Alltop is one of the top blog submission sites you’d want to consider if you’re looking to bring more exposure to your blog and get quality links. It covers every niche under the sun, from fitness, real estate, technology, to marketing. You can find a relevant topic with ease to submit your blog for free. 

Blog Engage

DA: 67 PA: 53

This blog submission site has a growing blog community, thanks to the considerable number of users that actively publish their posts. The nicest thing about BlogEngage is that many bloggers and marketers use the site to promote their blog content.


DA: 58 PA: 70

Blogarama is one of the most established and well-known blog submission sites online. Since being founded a decade ago, the site already has 100,000 registered users to date. Apart from the free plan, you have the option to subscribe to their premium and business plans for a monthly fee. 

Best of the Web

DA: 55 PA: 58

Best of the Web (BotW) has been around since 1994. It’s still a trusted online directory with 40,000 – 60,000 visits per month. More than half of that traffic comes from US-based users. You have the option to submit for free or take advantage of a lifetime listing with a followed link for an annual or one-time fee.    

Entire Web

DA: 54 PA: 58 

Over 3.5 million people worldwide have utilized the Entire Web service to submit their blogs for free. When you submit your site to their directory, it will begin to appear on all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and a whole lot of other platforms.


DA: 50 PA: 56

Blogflux is a centralized platform in the blogosphere. It provides tools for users to build and maintain blogs, such as a blog directory, blog themes, tracking data, and more. Users can also get guidance from the site’s huge and experienced blog community, as well as useful blog-related content. 


DA: 39 PA:51

Bloghub.com is an online directory and community where people from all over the world gather to express and exchange ideas. As a blog owner, you can add your blog to their blog directory for free. You can also browse through their extensive database for blog layouts and skins or drop by their online blogger forum to chat with other members.

Blogging Fusion

DA: 36 PA: 57

Blogging Fusion is another site you can submit your blog for free by adding a link to their directory. Although it shows on their site that it’s a paid blogging directory, you just need to provide them with a link and contact their support team to get your free account. 


DA: 33 PA: 53

The Cipinet Web Directory has been around since 2002, making it one of the oldest blog submission sites to date. You can submit your blog for free or opt for their paid version to add top-level domains, individual pages, and site approval within 24 hours.    

Frequently Asked Questions about Blog Submission Sites

How do I make a Blog Submission?

When making a blog submission, don’t forget the following: 

  • Check your blog’s quality

Before submitting, make sure your blog is unique and informative to attract a wide scope of readership. If you turn in a poorly-written blog, you can’t expect favorable results from your efforts.   

  • Provide accurate information

Blog submission sites require you to provide a few details about your blog. This information needs to be filled out accurately. Don’t forget to mention the purpose of your blog in the description section provided. 

  • Verify if the submission is successful

During submission, most blog directories will ask you to confirm the action by sending a link to your email. Don’t forget to click on the link to confirm your submission. Some submission sites provide instant approval, while others review your blog thoroughly before adding it to their directory. 

Are Blog Submission Sites Beneficial to my SEO Efforts? 

Blog submission sites prove just as effective as obtaining links from guest posting sites. You’ll meet Google algorithm requirements, including its latest updates, as long as you submit your blog links on high authority sites with excellent DA scores. 

So, instead of submitting your blog to every directory under the sun, limit your submission to 10 to 15 sites because you never know when they get filled up with spammy website links.

Blog submission directories not only let you post your blog links for free but also allow you to embed their badge as a widget on your site. That means you can add your blog with its links and vote for other blogs you like to read and follow. 

Also, you can use blog directories to display your blog’s feed on the front page and discover interesting blogs to read by browsing their catalog.

A few reciprocal links won’t harm your website and may even prove valuable to your audience. However, like most aspects of link building, reciprocal linking is neither all good nor all harmful.

If your website is abusing backlinks by attempting to manipulate search results through link exchanges, it runs the risk of being penalized by Google.

What Other Free Blog Submission Sites Can You Recommend? 

Blog Submission Site/DirectoryDomain Authority Score

Key Takeaways

Blog directories are one of the best resources you have at your disposal for generating high-quality backlinks and driving a steady stream of traffic to your blog. They will introduce you to new audiences, help build relationships, and bump up your blog’s exposure whenever you publish new content.

There you have it, our list of the top blog submission sites in 2022. Make sure to submit your blogs on these directories to help solidify your SEO strategy. I’ll update this page as the year progresses, so make sure to bookmark my post. 

Did I miss your favorite blog directory or submission site? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments field below. 


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