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With Christmas fast approaching, it would do your website well to play host to a series of digital marketing strategies and holiday-related content. Aside from helping you promote your guaranteed SEO service during the season, it will enable your brand to stay relevant and up to date. So better ramp up your content marketing campaign with these tips:

Create Unique Gift Guides

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving presents, so people will most likely be out shopping. So make their lives easier by creating gift guides for your brand that will showcase some of the products they might want.


Now creating gift guides isn’t exactly a novel idea, and your rivals will probably be making theirs as well. So how can you make yours stand out? Here are a few tricks:

Put Your Bestsellers in Front

Take a look at your sales data for the past year, and find the products or services that people bought the most. Then put these bestsellers in front of your gift guide.

Give It an Eye-Catching Theme

At the same time, you should treat your gift guide to a nice makeover, giving it a Christmas theme that can easily draw people’s attention. You might want to work with your web design team for this (or you can outsource).

Add Photos of Your Products

If you’re selling tangible products, then best include their photos in your gift guide. This is a no-brainer, but even guaranteed SEO service providers can forget this sometimes.

Pick the Right Platform

Lastly, choose where you’ll display your gift guide. Aside from your website, you should promote it in major social media networks as well. If you’re selling tangible products, then best use Instagram or Pinterest.

Publish Touching Christmas Stories

People love good stories, especially during the holidays. When added to content marketing strategies, it can humanize your brand and make people care about it more. So better publish emotional Christmas stories in your blogs and social media handles. That way, you can ramp up your content so it can resonate better with your target audience.


Writing good stories is no mean feat. However, there are a couple of ways to ensure you create the best ones for Christmas.

Identify Your Desired Outcome

First, you need to decide on what you want to accomplish by telling the story. That means thinking about what you want your readers to feel, think, and do after encountering the story you’ll make.

Pick a Good Plot

Not all stories are created equal, and some are more compelling than others. What’s more, certain tales aren’t appropriate or relevant for Christmas. So to keep your stories in line with the spirit of the holidays, best make sure it has the best, timely plot.

Craft a Good Narrative

Once you’ve decided on the outcome and the plot, time to create a good narrative for your Christmas story. Like any other essays, your write-up needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. And to make it more realistic and persuasive, be consistent in the telling.

Incorporate Your Brand in It

Of course, your story needs to showcase your brand while it keeps your audience hooked. So better make sure it does. If you’re selling tangible products, then place them near your characters. If you’re offering guaranteed SEO service, then better include a link to your website’s landing pages.

Add Sneak Peeks

The holidays are a great time to introduce new products or services. But to pique your target audience’s interest, you need to occasionally share sneak peaks.


Doing so will make people stick around your website and social media pages longer, especially if the product or services you’ll release is something they want to buy. And as an extra benefit, sneak peeks will provide you many opportunities to engage your customers.


But what’s the best way to write sneak peeks, you might be wondering? Try these for starters:

Use Stimulus And Cliffhangers

Use stimulating words or phrases at the beginning of the teasers to your new products and services. That way, your audience will get hooked as soon as they read the opening statements. Then always end the sneak peek with a cliffhanger to leave them gasping for more.

Create Tension Through Punctuation

Dashes, colons, and exclamation points aren’t just there to make your write-ups look good; they also exist to make readers think. So use them strategically to make your target audience want to know more about your new products or services.

Insert It In Your Regular Posts

Sneak peeks work best when inserted at the right places. While putting them at the end of write-ups works fine, you can also consider inserting them in the middle of your regular posts. You do that by  dropping hints of your new products or services at least once or twice.

Share Snippets of the New Releases

Additionally, you should post snippets of your new product or services at least once a day before the big reveal. This will keep many people interested in it, and it’s a great way to let everyone know that you’re releasing something new.

Make a Holiday-Themed Tutorial

Aside from touching Christmas stories, people love versatile products. Since you’re ramping up your content for Christmas anyway, you might as well use it to show customers just how amazing your brand is. That means creating easy-to-follow holiday-related tutorials.


Creating a Christmas-themed tutorial is pretty much like making a normal one. There are only a couple of differences, including:

Christmas Decorations

Your holiday-themed tutorials should be embellished with Christmas decorations to ensure it gives off the holiday vibes.


To keep people engaged with your tutorial, you must also consider rewarding them for sticking around. Try giving them one of your most popular products. Or let them avail your services for free for a month or two.

Charity Programs

Alternatively, you can give back to your community through your tutorial. You can do this by donating to charities for every person who subscribed to your brand.

“Christmas-size” Your Content

Creating engaging content is one of the best ways you can provide guaranteed SEO service, as well as retain and attract customers during the holiday. By following the tips listed above, you’ll definitely be able to make content that sells this Christmas season.

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