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With so many marketing trends going in and out of fashion, your toy store business can get left behind if you don’t keep up and update regularly. Today, social media marketing for toy stores has given not just toy shops, but all types of businesses, the chance for a wider market reach and more opportunity to expand. The best part is that it isn’t that costly and you can be as creative as you want in your marketing strategies.

With social media, you can post your marketing campaign material instantly or plan posts ahead of time. The response of your audience can also be seen in real time. You can reply to comments and messages as they come. Marketing your toys directly to your potential clients has never been this easy. As a cost-effective, and most often free platform, you can earn a good profit for your business.

With the toy business, people will immediately think that your products are creative, fun, and colorful. Your actual store is an attractive space that can entice a wide array of potential customers – from kids to parents to toy collectors. This is something that you want to achieve in your social media presence as well. To help you get started, here are ten tips on social media marketing for toy stores:

Know the Right Platform to Use

Facebook may be the obvious choice as the platform for social media marketing. It is universally popular, and almost everyone in the world has a Facebook account. However, you should also invest your efforts on platforms that are more visual such as Pinterest and Instagram. You can place emphasis on the visual aspects of your products, making them all the more appealing.

Instagram’s platform is simple. It is easy to use, and you can edit your photos to enhance their visual appeal. They are also much easier to share online, and to increase the visibility of your posts, you can place several hashtags on them. With Pinterest, users are known to have a high purchasing power. Often, the users will directly engage with the brands that they follow. As a result, you get more traffic as well as sales referrals online.

Beyond these popular social media platforms, it will also benefit your toy store if you have a YouTube channel. This way, you can post and share videos. It can be toy demos or store events, and other video content that will increase your store’s visibility online. You have to remember to keep your content interesting, valuable, and fun. This is how the posts will have better chances of being shared.

Get the Timing Right

The reach of your social media posts also depends greatly on the timing or what time of the day and which day of the week you post. An example of a good time to pin photos is during the late afternoons of Fridays and weekend mornings. For Instagram, you can have more reach during the mornings and lunchtime.

By being aware of the right timing for posting on social media, you can adjust your marketing campaign schedules accordingly so you can get more engagement with your audience. You can successfully market your toys in many different ways.

You just have to know the best approach for your unique toy business. Once you have a marketing plan, the next step is to be consistent with it. Your social media followers want to see new posts from your store now and then.

Social Media Marketing for Toy Stores: Use Hashtags

Study about the different hashtags that you can use on your various posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By using hashtags, potential customers can find your toy store online easily. You can even use the hashtag in searching for other business marketing strategies on social media. You get to learn about different ways of promoting your toy store from other successful businesses with a strong social media presence.

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Updated

Many businesses today have social media accounts to better communicate with their clientele. It’s not enough that you open an account on Facebook, you have to keep it updated as well. Your audience wants to know about your toy store’s new products, special offers, and schedule of events. It is also easier to reach your toy store if you have a social media account for it. Clients can simply send you a message or post comments, and you can respond back without any hassle.

Post Store Tour Videos

Many businesses decorate their stores during the holiday season, making the space more welcoming and festive. To entice your potential customers more, offer a virtual tour of your toy store. Showcase your new products, what’s on sale, and what’s new about the overall look of the shop.

Invite your audience to visit so that they can see more of what you have prepared for them. Upload your tour video on YouTube and then share it on your social media accounts so that your followers can watch and share the video with their friends.

Make Use of Facebook Live

Feature your new toys and other products using Facebook live. Beforehand, announce the time and date when you will be having your session so that your followers won’t miss out on the action. You can do this weekly so that your clientele can have something to look forward to,  like what toy you’re going to feature for the week.

Having a Facebook live session is a fun way to engage with your customers. They can ask you questions, and you can give them answers in real time.

Remember to Share Your Store’s Fun Photos

Always be ready with your smartphone so you can take candid photos of what’s happening in your store. It can be your crew decorating the shop, a fun event happening, or just everyday scenes that show what your toy store is like.

If your social media followers can see that there is always something fun happening in your toy store, they will more likely visit and take part in it.

Announce Special Events

Apart from your regular posts on social media, don’t fail to take advantage of the platform to announce if you have a special event in your toy store. Also, announce the schedule several times before the day of the event so that more people can see it in case they didn’t see the previous announcements.

Make sure that you make it as enticing as possible. Give away freebies for example. Or have a raffle for a new and exciting toy for those who share your post with their friends. That way, you get to reach more people. Take full advantage of the social media marketing for toy stores.

Post a Photo Every Day on Pinterest

Being a visual platform, Pinterest is the best place for you to share photos of the products that you have in your toy store. Just like the tip above for social media marketing for toy stores, make it a point that you keep your Pinterest account updated so that your followers can have something to look forward to.

Feature a toy every day. You can even put some trivia or fun facts about the toy in your post to make it more interesting for your followers.

Try Facebook Ads

While using social media platforms is free, you may also want to try and invest in Facebook Ads so that you can reach more people with your social media marketing for toy stores campaign.

You don’t have to start big. Start at $10 and get the opportunity to engage a broader network of the people who follow your Facebook page. Facebook Ads are also great for promoting your special offers, such as events and promotions.

Wrapping It Up

There are many more tips on how you can market your toy store through social media. These have just been a few of them. You can start with these tips and learn more about the different strategies that you can apply to make your social media marketing for toy stores more effective and successful.

Always try to learn what’s new in the world of marketing, especially on the Internet, so that you won’t miss out on the opportunities that will help your business succeed further.

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