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The current year has probably seen the most unprecedented curve balls thrown at people in recent memory. The effect of each is no laughing matter as it can potentially change how corporations and businesses will operate in the next few years. As most companies still conduct business under a remote set-up in response to the pandemic, the way everybody utilizes the world wide web to conduct business continues to be impacted. 

The best practices involving SEO aren’t exempted. It’s an already dynamic industry that’s ever-evolving even before the health crisis went into full swing. Business owners would agree that it’s one of the most affected sectors to date. As a result, a mere option in a company’s SEO strategy yesterday can become mandatory all of a sudden. 

This makes it more crucial to be updated on the latest trends while they’re still on the rise. As early as today, business owners and marketing experts have already weighed in their predictions on what will be the most significant SEO trends for 2021. One thing’s for sure, the best practices involving SEO will never remain stagnant, and before long, significant updates that could change everything for digital marketers in the future are already looming on the horizon. 

The following are the SEO trends to watch out for in 2021: 

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) 

In the following year, everybody can expect Google to remain vigilant and continue to check-out the overall reputation of a particular company and its E-A-T factor or Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Included in the latter are individuals who create and publish content on behalf of the company. 

Since Google wants its users to receive only fresh, relevant, and proven data, expectations toward creating high-quality pages are higher than ever. Companies that are burdened with customer service issues or other trust issues and a low reputation will struggle and have difficulty keeping up with their competition. 

With the rise of E-A-T, entity-based search, and the Knowledge Graph, companies’ capacity to form a proper and accurate online representation of their offline world is bound to become a critical differentiating factor down the road. 

How can a company work best with E-A-T? 

An excellent way to break ground is for the company to introduce itself properly, and the “About” page on their website is an ideal place to start. The company can enumerate all its achievements and write about who they are and why people can use the information found on their page without worrying about anything. 

Another way is to gather as many positive reviews as possible across other online platforms. The company’s website isn’t the only place where people can learn about their products, services, and expertise. Online sites are explicitly dedicated to sharing opinions about different services that can either be criticism or praise. 

Finally, bear in mind to backlink to and from authoritative sources only as nobody trusts links nowadays, especially from unknown or suspicious sources. If a company gets a backlink from a deficient authority or irrelevant domain, it should eliminate the link right away. 

Voice Search 

As SEO becomes more sophisticated than ever, voice search has also become a trend to watch out for in 2021. Experts need to develop content that matches search intent and encompasses all types of search while aiming to take advantage of featured snippets simultaneously. 

As the world ushers in a new era, SEO will be less about keywords and more about long-tail keyphrases. In line with this, experts will then have to write content that aligns with how customers talk to ensure that the page will rank in voice searches.  

How can a company work best with Voice Search? 

The best way for a company to optimize its content for voice search is to organize them according to people’s most likely spoken queries, in their language. 

Every article should have paragraphs that start with questions, such as what, how, when, and so on. 

In coming up with the content, company creatives should think about particular niches wherein people do voice search most frequently. For example, people are more likely to utilize Google Assistant when purchasing stuff in line with their interests, such as movie tickets, cinema screening schedules, cooking recipes, video tutorials, etc. 

Finally, companies also need to prioritize their website’s mobile optimization since voice search is predominantly carried out on mobile devices from this point on. 

Content is (still) King

In 2021, high-quality content remains to be one of the most critical trends in SEO. As is the case, even at present, a company will find it hard, if not impossible, to stand out from the rest of the competition unless it produces relevant content. Search engine algorithms are now much more precise and can recognize and boost websites containing credible information. 

Companies and businesses who want to pitch their posts to different websites can expect the competition to remain fierce. To come out on top, they will need to develop content that provides enough value to make website managers pick their piece. Ultimately, the creation of quality content requires time and effort. It is impossible to achieve for a company if they don’t have legit writing experts working for them. 

Aside from writing what people are interested in, company creatives should bear in mind the following line while working on their next copy: high-quality content is a must. Anything that is below that standard is a betrayal of the company website’s rankings. 

How can a company work best with creating content based on SEO Trends?   

While generating a massive amount of traffic to a company’s website is a great thing, a company doesn’t always need that enormous number of visitors. As most companies chase quantity when it comes to site traffic, the side of quality often takes a backstep. More often, companies attract readers but not buyers.Content marketing is important for your business. 

To gain the latter, a company should stop useless traffic quests and aim for real audiences and real goals. With the right plans, a solid SEO strategy can be created, and the company can choose only the appropriate platforms for promotions that match its target market and products. Finally, it can select the right keywords for its articles to bring attention to its goods that can be easily converted into sales and build the type of offer that any prospective client will be unable to resist. 

Amid uncertainty about what’s to come in the following year and beyond, one thing remains certain, SEO isn’t going anywhere. That is why digital marketers and company owners need to keep up with the latest trends and SEO best practices for their respective businesses to stay afloat. 

There will be long-standing SEO trends in 2021 that will remain the same. Still, SEO’s fast-paced and dynamic nature only indicates that updates and shifts in best practices are inevitable as search engine algorithms continue to change and get updated in the coming years.   

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