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Shay Berman
President of Digital Resource

Hate cold calling?

Our Sandler Sales-trained Appointment Setters work with cold or warm data to deliver you qualified meetings on your calendar. We take an omni-channel approach using phone, email, and social selling.

Consistently find and qualify more prospective customers

Typically, our clients come to us when they are frustrated with their current outbound sales efforts, annoyed they aren’t generating enough meetings, or concerned they don’t have enough leads to follow up on.

Effective Prospecting + Sales Execution = Sales Target

How We Work

Buyer Persona

BDR Bridge will work with you to develop the right buyer persona for your business. Through a series of questions, we will build a profile unique for your target audience.



Using the Buyer Persona. our business development reps will prospect across the internet using different sources. We will build a list of prospective customers to reach out to.



Using an omni-channel approach, BDR Bridge’s BDRs will connect with the leads via phone, email, and social selling.


If a prospect is interested, we will send calendar invites, confirm meetings, and even hand-off to your rep if needed.

Case Study #1


Business Lending

Target Location

Lead Generation and Appointment Setting


United States

Target Industry

United States

Campaign Type

New York City

Target Decision Makers

CEO, COO, President, Directors, Administrators

BDR Bridge specializes in lead generation. One of our clients, a business lender, came to us with a conflict. Our client was struggling to generate enough conversions from their list of leads. The client first tried to have their employees call through their list of leads, but that displaced their high-level workers, who found themselves suffering through failed cold calls instead of doing the job they were hired for. Our Sandler Sales-trained and certified Business Development Representatives (BDRs) were the solution for our client.

Our BDRs stepped in and took over the list of leads, and generated new lists of leads on their own. By using an omni-channel approach, we relieved our client of the frustration they were experiencing trying to generate their own leads to convert. Now our client is closing more deals than ever and is rapidly growing their team.

Results driven outsourced sales. Sandler Sales System trained and certified

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer the pay-per-performance model?

No. BDR Bridge offers a time-and-material model. Performance models protect you from risk, but they also create a higher risk for the provider. That is why a pay-per-performance model is often 3-5 times higher than retainer model. Performance models can also be manipulated with unqualified leads to profit more from the client. We believe we have a superior process that will lower your cost per appointment and achieve higher quality meetings than anywhere else.

Do I need to provide data?

We have worked with a large amount of data providers, learning how to source data through scraping and searching on various channels. This allows us to help you source the best possible data. If you have your own data to provide, we can work with that as well.

How do I monitor the campaign?

BDR Bridge provides weekly and monthly reports on all data points. These data points will include the amount of phone dials, emails, and social messages. Need a report in-between those times? Just ask. We believe in full transparency.