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One event that is worth noting is the annual NY Toy Fair which held $27 billion worth of toys in the market this year. Participating in this kind of event, or even smaller ones will surely open an avenue of profit for your business.

Who does not love toys? I mean from kids to kids at heart, everyone loves to collect toys of any kind. As a toy manufacturer, you would like to put this fact to your advantage. And one thing to get profit out of it is to invest in toy fairs and exhibits.

However, the first thing you need to consider before investing in exhibits and toy fairs, as a manufacturer, are the benefits that you’re getting out of it. That is why you need to know the present trends in this industry.

Heare are just some of the advantages of investing in exhibits:

1. Events like the NY Toy Fair promote new products.

NY toy fair

As a toy manufacturer, you’re lucky if you’re born with an eye for creativity to innovate and make eye-catching products for toy lovers out there. You have to make sure that the toys you’re making are timely and unique at the same time.

Not just toys that are trendy and unique but also consider creating toys that can be useful as well especially to the person that will purchase it.

Never hesitate to try creating something new if the result can help to ensure the success of your future exhibit.

2. It can create new connections with retailers and distributors

Every toy exhibit will really help in making new connections with retailers and distributors that you may work with in the future. This pretty much self-explanatory. It enables you to grow your connections and give you a chance to compare prices from different suppliers and decide the right pricing for your future distributors.

Retailers and distributors also can help in suggesting new ideas and innovations to your toy products to increase your toys’ repeat-purchase rate.

3. It also opens a door for new audiences

The main purpose of toy exhibits is to encourage people, whether they like toys or not, to buy your products. Thus, convincing those who are not really into this thing would mean opening a new set of audience for your business.

These new people and new prospective toy collectors may see the products you manufacture as a new ‘hot’ thing and who knows, your products may start a new fad in this industry.


Therefore you have to consider these benefits stated above since this will be a great help to your toy business. As a toy manufacturer, this will help you improve your skills, talents, ideas, but also your ability to blend in your industry.

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