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Medical Appointment Setting Service

With the bulk of patient calls and visits increasing day by day, it is hard for any practice to resourcefully manage and service patients. When it comes to managing schedules, timetables, patient appointments, and reminders – we’ve got you covered! With our medical appointment setting service, you can focus on the patients instead of worrying about appointment setting.

We Guarantee Accurate Scheduling and Insurance Verification


Accurate Scheduling

Our medical appointment setting service can expand your operational and clinical efficiencies through managing your patient appointments – from booking to sending follow-up reminders. Our clients can easily request automated appointment reminders through telephone, email messaging and SMS
By entrusting your patient schedules and appointment reminders to us, we make it a point to improve patient satisfaction and reduce no-show rates to ultimately boost your bottom line.

Insurance Verification

Verifying insurance can be a hassle and it often takes too much of your time. Most doctors and healthcare professionals would rather spend time taking care of patients rather than paying insurance companies a visit. However, insurance verification is a necessary procedure for medical practices in the United States.
The good news is that you can continue treating your patients and leave insurance verification to us!

Services We Offer

Determining Patient Eligibility & Benefits

Our company will make sure that each patient’s insurance policy is valid and updated. Prior to a patient’s appointment, we will inform you of the type of insurance coverage a patient has, as well as how much would be paid on a specific service or medical procedure. Let’s face it; medical bills are expensive, so having insurance confirmation will help drive revenue into your practice.

Determining and Collecting Co-Pays

Co-pays can add up to approximately one-fifth or more of a private practice’s income, but it can be complicated to determine the exact amount or implement collection methods. Medical practice owners find this a hassle, but we don’t!
Our company will gladly do the job for you. We will contact the insurance companies and identify the procedure performed on the patient, know the cost, and collect the co-pay.

Set Up Initial Intake Record

With our advanced electronic medical records (EMR), we will set-up incoming patient records with insurance information and preserve the patient accounts with transparency. We also offer the following services:

Payment Postings

We will post payments received to patient accounts (line item application permitting tracking of CPT reimbursement history). We also will post changes according to the provider’s contract profiles, monitoring the profiles for reimbursement accuracy.

Extra Features

  • Our scheduling service allows setting up and configuring staff calendars’ availability.
  • Patients that are more inclined to mobile will be able to schedule and check-in for appointments.
  • The administrator line allows configuring clinic and doctor working hours, appointment capacity, overbooking, appointment types, and even appointment durations.
  • Medical office staff for scheduling an appointment and reviewing appointments scheduled through other channels will be on point.
  • We set up complex treatments involving several stages, staff members, and resources. The company will search for optimal scheduling where all required resources are readily available.
  • We can set-up a calendar interface that allows closing calendars, managing changes in staff schedules, rescheduling appointment blocks and more.
  • Easy management of waiting lists, and the automated task of calendar slots to pending appointment requests, based on urgency or importance.
  • Using up-to-date software that operates any number of hospitals, clinics, physicians and medical practices.
  • The company can send patient reminders that include appointment details, preparation instructions, and more. These reminders can be printed when scheduling the appointment, or emailed/sent as an SMS afterward and a few key hours before the appointment
  • We remotely operate from the server and affect all departments immediately.

Benefits and Advantages

Benefits of Solution:

  • Provides an incorporated scheduling platform for all the channels.
  • Operation costs will reduce because of streamlined patient scheduling that will improve staff efficiency.
  • Our service proves your patients a better service experience.
  • Optimized scheduling and better preparation of patients before their appointment will improve treatment quality.

Exclusive Advantages of Our Medical Scheduling Services:

  • Flexibility to meet all types of medical processes such as operating rooms, laboratory, emergency departments, outpatients, and so more.

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About Reach Digital Medical Appointment Setting

What Is Reach Digital Medical Appointment Setting ?

Reach Digital medical appointment setting is designed to help healthcare professionals effectively manage patient appointments. This tool allows medical practices to save time andfocus more on their patients

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Meadical Appointment Setter?

Having an efficient and trusted appointment setter will greatly benefit your practice. Below are some of the ways a medical appointment setting service can improve your practice’s operations:

  • More time to focus on running your practice and treating your patients.
  • More cost-effective compared to an internal appointment service.
  • Convenient for you and your patients. We will verify the availability of the schedule that will work for both parties.
  • Detailed and timely TAT (turn around time) for your patients’ appointments.

What To Look For In A Medical Appointment Setting Services?


Facets and expediency differ in every service provider; therefore, the need for a specified workflow is necessary. With Reach Digital’s Medical Appointment Setting Services, our appointment specialists are well versed in handling and setting appointments that work for you.


We have secure server databases, data storage, and back-up procedures to ensure the security of our client and their patients.


Our appointment setters are always available to give unparalleled customer support services.


Reach Digital appointment setting services can accommodate several page visits at the same time, ensuring that your patients can seamlessly book an appointment.


When looking for medical appointment setting services, it is important to verify the service provider’s reputation. Our medical appointment services have secured database servers.

At Reach Digital medical appointment setting services, we guarantee that the data exchanged within our platform is safe and secure. Aside from that, you can trust that we will deliver our services on time. Also, our appointment setters are highly experienced in providing efficient appointment setting services.

What Makes Reach Digital Medical Appointment Setting Services Different?

Our medical appointment setting service will verify your patient’s insurance before every appointment. You can leave the insurance verification to us while you concentrate on your work.

Our company will contact the insurance companies and verify the procedures performed on each patient with the provided breakdown of the cost and collect the co-pay. We cater to all types of medical processes such as operating rooms, laboratories,emergency departments, outpatients, and more!

Why Is Medical Appointment Setting Services Convenient For Healthcare Professionals And Their Patients?

It’s safe to assume that your patients don’t like to wait for hours for their appointment. With our medical appointment setting service, your patients can come at the designated time rather than spend hours in the waiting room.

In this way, you don’t have to worry about anything other than administering great care for your patients. You’ll have more time to attend to more pressing matters instead of taking calls for appointments. Our appointment setting services are accurate andefficient in setting appointments for your patients.

What Are The Qualifications Of Digital Medical Appointment Setters?

It is in our best interest to provide our clients with the best services possible. This is why we only hire highly qualified and experienced appointment setters. This is to ensure the quality of services catered to our clients.

What Is The Turnaround Time for Reach Digital Medical Appointment Setting Services?

If you are looking for a fast TAT of medical appointment setting services, Reach Digital delivers. We value your time, so we make sure that the tools we provide are nothing but the best.

Let’s Get Started! We will help you achieve your goals and grow your business.