Automated LinkedIn Prospecting

Attract hundreds of hot leads from LinkedIn

Our average client generates 15 Leads per month. 15 Leads * (your lead value) = $$

LinkedIn Stacker

Signup for LinkedIn Stacker

Signing up for LinkedIn Stacker only takes a few minutes and you'll be on your way to connecting with new prospects. To get started, you will need to schedule a time to contact us. You will also need to have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

LinkedIn Stacker is primarily used by sales teams to automate their LinkedIn lead generation. The possibilities are endless when using LinkedIn Stacker to generate leads. We recommended LinkedIn Stacker for startups, investors, sales, and more.

Automate LinkedIn Prospecting

Target your ideal prospect

After successfully activating your LinkedIn Stacker account, you can start searching for your ideal customer in Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator offers many different filter options such as Location, Industry, Company size, Seniority Level, and much more.

Once you've selected a filter containing your ideal prospects, LinkedIn Stacker will set the desired level of engagement and enable relevant features like automated drip messaging.

Leads on Autopilot

Enjoy Hot New Leads

Expect dozens of new hot leads per month on auto-pilot. We work with you to ensure your messaging is correct and relatable to your audience.


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Other Services


Lead Generation

Our clients come to us when they are frustrated with their current lead generation strategy, concerned they are not doing enough to generate more leads, and annoyed they are leaving money on the table. BDR Bridge's lead generation strategies are simple and to the point. We use a combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Adwords. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!


Social Ads

Social ads are a trendy strategy right now in digital marketing. When executed correctly, social media ads will generate huge ROIs for your business. Social Ads that use Facebook and Instagram come with highly effective interest-based targeting. Interest-based targeting allows you to build an audience based on your ideal customers' interests. It's highly targeted and highly effective for any business industry, B2C or B2B.


Google Ads

Google Ads has been the benchmark for digital marketing since the early days of internet advertising. With Google being the #1 Search Engine in the world, it's important to be at the top of the results. As the internet has grown, so have the platforms, but Google Ads has stayed tried and true. They provide intent-based ads that allow you to find your customer when they are looking for a specific item or service.


Live Chat

Interacting with your customers as soon as they visit your website is a way to generate 3-5x leads per month. BDR Bridge offers a live chat service that is fully-managed for our clients. We engage with our clients' visitors the second they arrive on the website. From there, we will start a conversation with the goal of gaining their information. After we have received the contact details, we forward it along as a lead.

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