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How To Sell Toys

Selling toys has never been easier to do than it is today. The internet has made the marketplace much smaller than it used to be.

Content creation and publishing is by far the most effective way to sell a toy online. Creating content is inexpensive and you can produce a month’s-worth in as little as a day.

Online tools allow you to create images, edit videos, and create blog posts from anywhere.

Selling Toys Online

Forget the traditional advertising methods when it comes to selling online. The internet does not limit you, like newspapers; you have multiple opportunities to reach your customer with different messages.

Selling toys online follows the new rules of advertising by connecting with your audiences on blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Influencers.

Learn more about toy advertising and industry data.

Content Marketing for Selling Toys

Content marketing is a very important tool for selling toys, or any product, online. No longer think of your company as a toy manufacturer. It’s time to start thinking like a media company.

Media companies produce tons of content that can be shared with their followers online. It is no different when it comes to selling toys.

When creating a content marketing strategy, remember to follow the buyer’s journey.

What is the buyer’s journey for selling toys?

A buyer’s journey is the chain of purchasing decisions a customer takes before making their commitment. There are three different stages in the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Awareness: Awareness is located at the top of the sales funnel. Awareness content is any content that a potential customer sees first that explains or sells your toy. Use a video (preferred) or an article to grab their interest in your product.

Consideration: At this point of the sales funnel, your customer already knows what your product is and may be interested in it. Create content that shows how the toy is used or how it solves a problem.

Decision: When the customer has reached this part of the buyer’s journey, they are ready to purchase.

When writing or creating content for your toy, make sure that the content relates to one of the categories listed above. You want to be building a relationship and help your customers along their journey.

After content is created, it should be published to all of your marketing channels.

Where to Sell Toys Online

When selling toys online it comes down to one major factor, and that’s margin. You get the best bang for your buck when you are generating sales online through your e-commerce store.

However, marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are still great options if you are looking for a hands-off approach. Using their platforms, you are able to sell your toy for a fee. These fees can range up to, or sometimes above, 15%.

How can I sell toys online?

It’s pretty simple and straight-forward. Go to Shopify.com and open an account. After the account is created, go to the “Theme Editor” and choose a theme.

Shopify made editing themes extremely simple, which will allow you to have a website up-and-running within an hour.

Crazy, right!? You can create content and put up an online store within an hour!


Selling toys online has never been this easy! Quickly test, validate, and sell your toy without spending boat-loads of money. Nothing has to be perfect to start getting results. Get all of your information online first, and worry about the minor details later.

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