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Owning a toy and gift store can be both fun and rewarding and so can marketing too! Many customers enjoy the experience they receive when visiting a toy store. Your customers come to rely on you for your knowledge on what is the latest trend. The truth is whether you own a specialty toy shop, neighborhood toy store, or a hobby and gift shop, you are competing against big stores like Toys R Us and Amazon. This is why it is important to reach your customer on every marketing channel. In order to make sales you need to be found.There are great opportunities out there to market your store cost effectively. Compete with larger brands without have to spend the big dollars in order to do so. You can consider your money better spent following our marketing tips. When utilized correctly these marketing tips will help you promote your toy and gift store.

Promote Local

People aren’t visiting your neighborhood toy store for large gifts from the big toy brands. They’re visiting your toy or gift store for the personalized and unique experience only a small store can provide. Be apart of your community and promote what makes you stand out. It doesn’t matter what your niche is whether it’s educational toys, puzzles, wood toys, or anything else. Piggy back off of local events, chat groups, and social media.

Online Toy Store Marketing

Online marketing is still a very under utilized tool with independent retailers. It’s a great way to connect with a large group of local customers. Posting on social media channels is a low cost way to generate organic engagement. You can even boost posts on your social media channels to reach a broader or more targeted audience. With online advertising prices relatively low in cost it allows smaller brands to compete on the same playing field. You don’t need a big budget to be found by your customer on Facebook, Google, or your own website.FacebookFacebook allows you to reach your customer through their newsfeed. With a great content publishing strategy you will be able to capture your audience and keep them engaged constantly with your brand. Facebook makes it easy to offer instant customer service through their chat. You can promote your store, products, or services using Facebook’s paid advertising platform.Google My Business – Google My Business is your business page when people search your toy store on Google. Having a properly set up Google My Business page will also increase your sites local search engine ranking. You can ask customers to leave your business a review as well. Using this properly allows for your toy store to be found and that will drive sales.

Word of Mouth / Referral

As it is in almost any business word of mouth is the best way to market. When people are talking about your business and saying good things more people will want to visit you. Word of mouth advertising provides the best ROI for your toy or gift store. The more buzz around your business the more people are going to want to visit it. Take advantage of local events to create a buzz around your company.How? Here are a few great ideas to help you boost word of mouth referrals:

  • Ask for reviews on your social media platform. Offer a 10-15% discount in exchange.
  • Create a referral program. There are various web tools that can assist you with a referral program. If you are looking to save money assigning each customer a number allows you to track referrals. Offering a small discount for referral will provide an incentive for your customer to spread the word.
  • Offer exceptional customer service. Customer looking for a new toy? Recommend them with what’s popular and trending. Excellent customer service is always remembered.
  • Take a unique approach to toys. If you want people to talk about your store offer them something no other local toy store is doing. What unique experience can you provide your customer?

In-Store Events

n-store events can help you attract new customers as well as keeping old customer engaged. You can look at in-store toy events as a way to boost brand awareness while being apart of the community. Ideas for toy store How to Market a Toy Store events can be game nights, charity toy drives, book readings, and much more. Invite local newspapers, teachers, and parents. Make sure you are promoting in-store events to your social media followers and your email list.During the holiday season create gift buying guides and even offer free gift wrapping. There are plenty of options you can choose from when marketing your business. Make sure that you keep your customers engaged in-store and provide that unique experience.


In order to market a toy or gift store you need to take a creative approach. Focus your attention on building a brand and constantly engaging with your audience. If your audience is not engaged with your brand you are most likely missing out on repeat customers.

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