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Christmas isn’t just the season to be jolly; it’s the perfect time to change up your brand’s digital marketing packages, too. With more people shopping during this time, it could get quite challenging to sell yourself, especially since you have a crowd of other retailers to contend with. You need to think of better strategies just to stand out and promote your products and services online. In case you don’t know where to start, take a look at the following gameplans.

Gift-Giving Email Marketing Campaigns

Everyone loves give-aways, especially during Christmas. So you might as well consider creating and implementing a gift-giving email marketing campaign this December. 

Gift-giving email marketing campaigns offer several benefits. For one thing, it allows you to reach out to consumers who shop using their mobile devices. With online shopping skyrocketing in recent years, this could lead to more sales for your business. Email marketing campaigns can also be personalized, which can tremendously improve your brand’s metrics.

In case you don’t know what kind of gift-giving email marketing campaign to run, try gamifying it. That is, add a simple game at the end of each email, and whoever gets the most points can win the gift.

Emotional Christmas-Themed Ads

People generally dislike getting bombarded by advertisements during Christmas. However, they won’t say no if the ads are telling a good story. So while you’re making your business’ ads, best make sure it leans towards storytelling. Moreover, you need to rely on good subliminal messages to ensure your ads’ success.

Take Kohl’s Dance With All Your Heart as an example. Short but sweet, this video reminds viewers that Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts; it’s about creating new, memorable experiences with your loved ones as well.

Creating emotional Christmas advertisements can help you engage your target audience more effectively during the holiday. With the right combination of music, story, and copywriting, you can create a festive ambience that will win your would-be customers’ hearts and minds.

Interactive Holiday Deals

You should also consider dishing out a few interactive holiday deals alongside your digital marketing packages this December. Aside from the gift-giving email campaign discussed above, these promos can come in many other forms.

For example, if you’re a service provider of sorts, then you can give away a month of your services for free in case they end up subscribing to you for three months. Or similar to Starbucks, you can give away something nifty after your customers managed to collect 18 stamps.

With the digital marketing industry constantly changing, you need to be more creative and innovative when giving out interactive holiday deals. Doing so will help you stay original, as well as give your customers an experience they won’t get elsewhere. These will lead to you developing positive relationships with them.

Christmas-Themed Digital Packaging

Packaging is the one thing capable of reaching out 100% of your target consumers. By creating unique Christmas-themed packaging for your products, you’ll be able to give your customers a memorable unboxing experience (not to mention it adds a sense of exclusivity, class, and luxury to your brand).

But no need to fret in case you’re offering intangible digital services; you can still create Christmas-themed “boxes” for your digital marketing packages. Aside from making their interactions with your products or services more dynamic, these digital packaging will enable you to gather important data that will help you improve your brand.

To create your own Christmas-themed digital packaging, you need to rely on technologies like 3D software, QR codes, smartphone scanning, and augmented reality.

Seasonal PPC Marketing

PPC marketing offers many benefits. Its metrics can easily be tracked and measured, it can be launched alongside other digital marketing campaigns, and it can ultimately help you achieve your business objectives. Needless to say that it will enable your brand to soar through new heights.

However, to ensure its success during the Christmas season, you need to make a few adjustments to your PPC marketing strategies. This means using the right seasonal keywords at the right time. Say you’re selling materials for Christmas decorations for example. As you probably know, most people tend to shop for your products during the last week of November. So instead of using the keyword “craft supplies” (which you can use all year round), you might want to change things up and use phrases like “diy Christmas decorations” or “buy Christmas decorations” instead.

To ensure your PPC campaign succeeds, you need to find the right keywords, as well as know when to use them. And to do that you need to do solid keywords research and testing.

Pop-Up Christmas Shops

While they won’t immediately boost your sales, pop-ups stores can help you increase brand awareness or test out a new product. By adding one to your business’ website this Christmas season, you’ll be able to connect to more potential customers.

One of the advantages of creating pop-up Christmas shops is that few of your competitors are doing it. In fact, not even giant retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom are getting in on it – at least not yet. In short, you’ll practically have the entire market sector to yourself.

So better create a pop-up store as soon as you can. To ensure yours makes it on time for the holidays, you need to make it at least a month or two before December. And make sure the store showcases your products (new and old).

Christmas Social Media Contests

Give-aways perform well in email marketing campaigns. But if you really want to use it to reach out to more people this Christmas, you need to run it through your social media game plan, too. Since most consumers spend their time on social networks, it’s not surprising that give-away programs fare exceptionally great there.

So use your business’ social media handles to host Christmas contests. You can either settle for a small contest that focuses on your current customer base, or throw a big one to widen it. You can even partner up with other brands to increase brand awareness among their audience base, as well as to give away bigger prizes. 

Through these contests, you’ll be able to boost brand awareness, improve customer engagement, grow your email list, and promote your new products and services.

Adjust Your DIgital Marketing Strategy this Christmas

As a digital marketer, you should be aware that most consumers only have one thing in mind this December: Christmas. So better adjust your strategies accordingly and give out digital marketing packages that’s calibrated for the holidays.

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