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For many of the SEO strategies that you can use for your business in Detroit, it is often suggested that you focus on competitive keywords. The aim is to rank for those keywords that relate to the products or services that you offer. With Detroit Internet marketing, the focus is on local search terms.

Relatively, the search volumes for local search terms are low. However, they are the kind of traffic that you are looking for. They carry more intent and that they will most likely convert into sales. Let’s take a look at how you can research for these local search terms. And also how you can rank using them.

Know What Your Competitors are Doing

The first thing that you have to do in researching local search terms is to see what the competitors of your business are doing. How do they employ Detroit Internet marketing? How do they target the locations? Did they prepare dedicated pages for each of the locations? Are their contact details available on each of the pages?

To know what the competitors are doing with their Detroit Internet marketing strategy, you can put the URL of their contact page into the Keyword Planner tool provided by Google. When you do this, you will see the keywords that Google associates with your competitors. Get those keywords and place them on the list of terms that you should target.

Be Very Specific with Your Local Terms

You can also use the Keyword Planner in getting your location’s search volumes. When targeting a keyword for your Detroit Internet marketing strategy, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the name of the city where your business is located. Be more specific and use the names of distinct places. Use the locality of your business’ location or the areas near it.

You may notice that the search volume for the distinct places will be low. But look at it cumulatively. It will be able to give you a good number of traffic potential that has high intent. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t optimize local terms that are already far from your area. This will lessen your potential for ranking for the business’ actual location.

Don’t Forget to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

When you optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly, it will really pay off especially when you are ranking for local search terms. Many users search businesses using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Making your Detroit business’ website mobile-friendly is one thing that you shouldn’t forget to do. This will help you rank better using the local search terms that you want to target.



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