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If you’ve been outsourcing SEO for a while now, then you probably heard about white hat and black hat. And by now, you’re already aware that most people recommend choosing a white hat agency over the other.

So what really makes the two different from each other, especially since they both aim to boost your rankings on Google? And why should you always go for white hat SEO specialists? Find your answers by reading below.

About White Hat and Black Hat SEO

But first, let’s define what white hat and black hat SEOs are. White hat SEO involves boosting a website’s rankings using search-engine-approved techniques. On the other hand, black hat SEO employs tactics that violate search engine rules in one way or another.

Both types of SEO strategy will help you significantly boost a website’s rankings on Google and other search engines. However, bear in mind that white hat SEO will serve you better in the long run since search engines tend to penalize and eventually take down sites that don’t comply with their policies.

Differences Between Black Hat Vs White Hat

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with white hat and black hat SEO, let’s discuss some of the differences between the two strategies.


While both white hat and black hat aim to boost a website’s rankings on search engines, they have different priorities to achieve it. A typical white hat agency will do everything they can to ensure your site provides quality user experience. Thus, their tactics usually focus on creating unique, relevant articles that people will love and share.

In contrast, black hat agencies prioritize search engine rankings over user experience. To that end, they employ unusual (if not downright questionable) techniques, as well as disregard the policies enforced by various search engines.

Another area where white hat and black hat diverge is backlink quality. Black hat SEO specialists focus more on quantity, so they’ll employ manipulative link building more often than not. A great example of this is adding comments with links that will redirect you to a website. This technique is a surefire way to get penalized and taken down by Google.

Meanwhile, white hat experts build backlinks using conventional methods. That means looking for websites with similar niches to their client’s, singling out those with the right metrics, and reaching out to them for backlinks.


Aside from the techniques involved, one of the biggest differences between white and black hat SEO is the specialist delivering it. Unlike black hatters, white hat SEO specialists are actually qualified marketers. Not only do they have the right training and certificates, but they also have the portfolio to prove their skills.

On the other hand, while many black hat specialists are also marketers, a lot of them are still shady to say the least. In some cases, some of them are even there to scam would-be clients. Since black hat techniques are easier, it doesn’t take much to become a so-called “SEO expert”.

Short-Term Results

Due to the nature of black hat SEO, it tends to produce results quicker than its white hat counterpart. With its intensive link building strategies, you can boost your rankings on search engines within a shorter period of time than normal.

But once Google or other search engines get wind of what the black hatters are doing (and they always do), it’s game over for your website. Aside from the penalties you’ll have to deal with, you’ll have to watch helplessly as your site gets permanently taken down.

Long-Term Results

By teaming up with a good white hat agency, though, you’ll be able to enjoy long-term results. Yes, it will take longer, not to mention tons of effort on the specialist’s part. But at the very least, your website will gradually rise through the ranks without getting penalized by search engines.

What’s more, the long-term strategy employed by white hat SEO will help you gain the trust of your target audience. This will eventually lead to your website enjoying a good reputation, boosting your sales and following in one go.

Why Go for White Hat SEO?

Based on the differences stated above, it’s quite clear that choosing white hat SEO over black hat is clearly the best course of action. But in case you’re still not sold on the idea, then let the following reasons convince you.

Healthy Website Ranking

Hiring a white hat agency may not help your website land the top spot on Google, but at least you’ll still enjoy healthy rankings. This will put you in a better position to reach new customers and boost sales. And as time goes by, your website will gradually improve its rankings (provided it continues to employ good SEO practices of course).

Good Spot in SERPs

At the same time, white hat SEO will help you gain a good spot on SERPs. Again, this will put you in a better position, especially since more people will be able to spot your website whenever they make queries. By improving your SEO strategy along the way, you can maintain this spot (if not move above by a few notches).

Expanded Network

By employing white hat specialists, you’ll establish yourself as a brand that puts ethics and integrity above profit. This will inevitably help you attract other entrepreneurs, webmasters, and SEO specialists, expanding your online circle in the process. Granted, this will take time and effort. But hey, building and cultivating positive relationships always does!

Saved Time and Money

A lot of people go for black hat agencies because they offer their services at lower prices than their white hat competitors. But despite the hefty prices white hat agencies have, they’re actually the cheaper option in the long run. As mentioned above, techniques employed by black hatters will eventually lead to their clients’ websites getting penalized and taken down. That will cost everyone involved tons of money (not to mention some legal troubles).

Google’s Good Graces

Finally, teaming up with a white hat agency will help you stay on Google’s good side. Since most of their tactics adhere to most search engines’ policies, you won’t have to worry about your website getting sanctioned or shut down. And with Google’s good graces, you’ll be able to continue promoting your products or services through their platform.

Get Quality SEO From the Best White Hat Agency

For your website to enjoy good rankings on Google and other search engines for a long time, then better make sure it relies on white hat SEO. So if you’re looking for digital marketing specialists, best go for a white hat agency.

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