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If you plan to launch a new eCommerce website on Shopify, then the easiest way to grow your traffic is to have people talk about you. With this strategy, you can have other people promoting your website for you. Through word-of-mouth, your brand awareness will also grow, and you will soon find that your website will have more traffic and sales.

However, you cannot do this by yourself. It would help if you had software to implement this. It is one thing to want people to talk about you. But it is far better to have a referral program. By having a program, you encourage more people to promote your website by providing incentives; you also get to encourage your existing customers and website visitors to promote you. 

In this article, you’ll find the best Shopify referral apps that can help you launch a successful referral program on Shopify. 

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate is on the top of the list because it is one of the pioneers in referral marketing in eCommerce. The software has also evolved to accommodate the changing needs of customers. It is more than just a referral or affiliate software. You can also use it for influencer marketing and other purposes. It is also an effective influencer marketing tool because it provides an option for influencer promo codes. Through this strategy, you can ask influencers to promote your brand while asking their followers to buy from you with promo codes named after the influencer. Aside from this, the website also has a network of affiliates who are simply waiting to promote your products and services for you. It does all of these, while also giving you a chance to promote your products on social media with some built-in social buttons. 

The Jewelry Shopkeeper

Running a jewelry store on Shopify doesn’t need to be complicated. With software called The Jewelry Shopkeeper, you can organize all of your products and give you a support system for jeweler suppliers and repair shops. It is different because it is software that is specially made for jewelry stores. So if you are a jewelry store online and find that the other options don’t directly speak to your needs, this is software that stands out from the rest because it understands your niche. 

Q: be

Sometimes, it is not enough to know that you have an effective marketing method. You also need to track if your processes are effective in helping you hit your goals. Q: be is a performance management software. It enables you to track how well your campaigns are working. For referral programs, you need to track not only the visitors but also your sales. You need to do this if you have a tool that can track everything, and Q: be can help you in that area. 


Email marketing is an essential part of every online business. Even if you have a referral program, you will still need to implement an email marketing system to inform your existing customers and subscribers about your referral program. Automizy can help you because it tracks open rates. By using this, you will not only know how people are responding to your emails. You can also understand how people are clicking on your referral marketing campaigns made via email. That’s pretty cool. 


Another way to promote your referral program is through chatbots. Let’s face it. Email open rates are no longer as high as they used to be. More people are resorting to alternative messaging channels like Facebook Messenger. You can also reach people who are more active in these applications if you have a chatbot. Manychat is an effective tool for this. It helps you to create a chatbot without prior coding knowledge. The best part is that you can easily integrate your referral campaign into the chatbot by adding a broadcast message or simply adding it to the menu. 

Marketing Solutions

Why do you think customers buy from you? Is it because they know your brand and trust you? But it is more than that. Ultimately, it is how you make your customers feel that matters. It is all about the overall customer experience. It is not just about how they see you.

Marketing Solutions is a company that understands this. It can craft experiences for your customers so that they can connect with your brand more. They can transform an ordinary referral marketing system into an experience that your customers can never forget.


As mentioned, email marketing plays a vital role in most referral marketing systems. It is not enough that you create your referral program. It would help if you also launched a successful email marketing campaign so that your customers can know the existence of your program. ContactLab can help you in that area. It does more than help you launch a successful email marketing program. It also allows you when it comes to landing pages and text messaging. With that, you can say that it is truly an all-in-one tool for digital communication. 

SEO Web Analyst

Did you know that one of the best ways to get consistent traffic without spending a hefty amount of money on advertising is search engine optimization? By doing your part of ranking your website, you will be rewarded with an unlimited stream of traffic which can benefit your business in the long run. But you also need to know how well your website is ranking, and for that, you will need an analysis tool like SEO Web Analyst.

Also, you will need this tool if you need to track how well your marketing methods are working. It will help you track how much traffic your website is getting from all of your campaigns. 


Text messaging is another way for you to reach your target market. The best part is messages are sent instantly, and it gets your target market quickly. It is not like app notifications or emails. With it, you know that the messages reach your audience quickly. It is pretty helpful if you want to let your audience know about your referral program’s existence. 


You are running a vast business that has multiple locations? Are you working with various manufacturers at the same time? Or do you want to get more leads for your business? The company SeedLogix can help you in all of those areas. You can also use them if you’re going to inform your audience about your referral program.

As you can see, there are so many tools that you can use to promote your referral program. It is all about fully utilizing the best Shopify referral apps to reach your ideal market. So what tool are you interested in using? Tell us all about it below. 

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