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Companies that run a business-to-business (B2B) operation know that their business structure and outlook aren’t the same as the traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) perspective.   

Upon encountering the term “business,” consumers immediately think of a company that provides service or sells a specific set of products to its clients. 

Even businesses require specific services. Those that provide these services are referred to as B2B. They usually offer marketing services and other internal operational services as well. 

At present, SEO is at the forefront of online business dealings. Any form of communication that can be viewed in a browser or indexed by a search engine deals with SEO.  This is where a B2B SEO Agency with a well-crafted B2B SEO campaign can weave its magic in. 

What is B2B SEO?

What exactly is B2B SEO? 

B2B SEO is a strategy to drive organic traffic and boost the ranking of a company’s webpage on search engine results. It contains the four critical components of SEO success: Technical SEO, On-page and Off-page SEO, and Content. 

While B2C strategies involve consumers purchasing from companies, B2B marketing revolves around businesses buying from one another. 

Although slightly different in concept, B2B SEO brings equally unique challenges commonly encountered when putting together a winning strategy that is easily relatable for target audiences.

Steps to Find the Best B2B SEO Agency 

A successful B2B SEO campaign ensures that a company reaches consumers interested in their business and the products and services they offer and turn them into paying clients.   

Since it is a significant project, companies would want to partner with a B2B SEO Agency to manage their campaign. 

However, reliable B2B SEO agencies aren’t easy to find. Separating the good from the bad makes all the difference and can save a company thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Here are the steps in finding the top B2B SEO agency to partner with:  

Create a List of Prospects 

To fully grasp its available options, putting together a list of agencies should be the first order of business for a company.

A simple Google search should give back recommendations from other users. Otherwise, soliciting advice from personal contacts who worked with a B2B SEO agency before is another option.  

List as many agencies as possible and make sure to keep track of their details, including the name, website, contact information such as phone number, email address, etc. 

Narrow the list 

After completing the list of prospects, narrow it down by listing the strengths and advantages of working with each agency. 

Aim to have a shortlist of 5-10 B2B SEO agencies that meet a set of criteria, including online reviews and peer recommendations.  

Once the list is down to a more manageable number, the next step in the selection process is to thoroughly examine each agency’s credentials. 

Review each Agency Thoroughly

This part of the process usually takes longer than all the other steps since it involves a thorough examination of each agency.
The first thing to do is to visit each agency’s website. See if the online reviews that are associated with the agencies check out. Take a good look at the products and services they offer. More importantly, see if work samples are available for reference.

Note that work samples are crucial in determining the legitimacy of an SEO agency. If they don’t publish work samples on their website or digital portfolio, it’s enough to warrant a removal of that agency from the shortlist.     

All these steps are necessary for a business to ensure that it’s dealing only with high-quality and reputable agencies that can be relied on to manage B2B SEO campaigns.

Finally, companies should ask upfront about the cost involved in the SEO campaign from beginning to end. If the pricing isn’t listed on their website, inquiries should be made before both parties finalize any service agreement.  

Contact the Agency Directly 

At this point, the list of prospects should be down to a total of five agencies. This makes the task of contacting them one by one more manageable. 

Phone calls aren’t necessarily the preferred means of communication. There will be instances when the company may have to email the agency’s sales team. Regardless of the mode of communication, a company should always ask the agencies pertinent questions like: 

  • How many clients do they have?
  • How long have they had their clients?
  • Did they lose clients in the past, and what caused the end of their partnership? 

Depending on what these companies search for their respective businesses, the agencies’ websites provide information and opportunity to weed out those that exhibit glaring red flags. 

One good example is an SEO agency that doesn’t have a contact form on its website. It’s best if companies will steer clear of the agency in question, especially if their business requires internet marketing services.

Any company would want to make sure that they get the best results possible for their business. One way to ensure this is to ask questions and know the answers to those well beforehand. 

Make a Choice 

Once the company is able to contact all the agencies on the list, it’s time to weigh in on the facts and make a decision. It’s a great idea to go through all the advantages that each remaining agency presents once more and list them alongside the negatives.  

The company can decide which agency gets to be its marketing partner based on the answers to these questions: 

  • What were the agencies’ answers like, and how did they respond to each question? 
  • Do their portfolio and work samples live up to their asking price? 
  • What’s their reputation like, according to reviews and recommendations online? 

Is your company looking to hire a B2B SEO agency? Contact us today to know more about the best strategies to help grow your business. If you wish to know more about our products and services, feel free to check our recent work samples. Visit our website now!  

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