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What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing, or SMM, is an internet marketing tool that uses various social media networks to communicate with your customers. Social media marketing helps develop a brand, tell a story, and advertise. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool of communication, social media allows businesses to…

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8 Technical SEO Trends to Use in 2021

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The entering to a new decade has been exciting as well as challenging. It is even more so with a constantly evolving marketing discipline that is search engine optimization. In the previous decade, the landscape of SEO has transformed in profound ways. These include the introduction of technologies like artificial intelligence and voice assistants. Search…

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GoodFirms Recognizes Wide-range of Solutions Offered by Reach Digital

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Reach Digital is a leading innovator in the design and development field and it has engraved its name within the ledgers of top web designing companies at GoodFirms. About the Company Reach Digital is a full-service web design, located in Michigan. With its profound team, the company offers web designing, web development, and digital marketing…

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5 Ways To Increase Your Local SEO

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If you are a business owner in a large city, struggling to get ahead of your competitors is completely normal. SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing your online content’s quality to make your business show up as a top result in a search engine. Increasing your local SEO can…

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5 Ways To Market Your Business Online During COVID

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Many businesses are suffering these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both consumers and sellers are under strict regulations in following certain protocols such as staying indoors and practicing social distancing. For this reason, entrepreneurs are struggling to continue their operations and market their products. Although this pandemic is indeed devastating, it teaches business owners…

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War On E-commerce: ALIBABA vs. ALIEXPRESS, Which one is better?

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Alibaba and Aliexpress are e-commerce platforms that bring convenience, advantage, and supply of necessities to businesses and consumers, alike. It is not a secret nor a debatable stance that e-commerce brought convenience to people who are now both tech and web-savvy. Platforms such as Alibaba and Aliexpress supply the high demands of product orders both…

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Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing

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It is a fact that people nowadays are becoming search dependent. We do a search when we want to know what’s the best in restaurant in our area, or the best route going to work or even how to fix a broken sink. And with the convenience of our own personal digital assistant on our…

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10 Prospecting Tools to Look For

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Prospecting is a method by which salespeople find potential buyers for the products and services of their businesses. Prospecting tools for sales are valuable, as they help you more efficiently locate, engage, and coordinate contact information for potential customers. For small businesses, we reviewed hundreds of prospecting resources; here are the top 10. Abby Abby…

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Top 3 Small Business Accounting Softwares For Your Business

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Every businessman dreams of growing his company. While implementing the potent marketing strategies are crucial to success, proper management of time and money is the backbone of a promising small business which is made possible through business accounting tools. Nonetheless, choosing the right accounting software is like finding a needle in a haystack – it’s…

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