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With so many people now-a-days making a living by selling products on Amazon, it could get challenging for you to do the same. Luckily, many Amazon SEO service providers are available to help you ensure your web page stands out from the rest.

Why should you get Amazon SEO services instead of doing it yourself? What are their tricks when optimizing your web page and product listings? Are there any factors that affect Amazon SEO? Find out the answers by reading the basic guide below.

How Amazon SEO Works

To truly understand why you need to get Amazon SEO services, you need to know how the concept works. To put it simply, Amazon SEO is the process of refining your Amazon web pages and product listings to make sure they get seen immediately on the platform. Done properly, it will enable Amazon’s algorithm to easily spot your page and listings, allowing it to display them to potential buyers.

As you’ll see below, improving your Amazon web page’s SEO involves working on certain ranking factors and KPIs. By contacting the best Amazon SEO service provider available, you can rest assured that all these factors are dealt with promptly.

Why Get Amazon SEO Services?

Now you might be wondering why get Amazon SEO services when you can do it yourself. Wouldn’t DIY SEO be the better option? Well, not quite! Below are some of the advantages of hiring an SEO specialist to improve your Amazon pages.

They Understand Amazon SEO Better Than You

Amazon SEO may not be rocket science, but you’ll still need time and effort to learn it. By getting quality Amazon SEO service instead, you won’t have to bother doing that. Their team of skilled and experienced SEO specialists can easily outperform you when it comes to optimizing your web pages and product listings. If you want to learn basic Amazon SEO, then that’s fine. But in the meantime, let the experts handle your pages.

They Already Have the Tools for the Job

Aside from their skills and experience, Amazon SEO specialists also come equipped with the right tools to optimize your pages. Even if you’re knowledgeable enough about Amazon SEO, you won’t go far without these tools. And unfortunately, many of them cost a lot. Plus, you need to learn how to use them. By hiring professionals, you won’t have to deal with these problems.

Hiring an Amazon SEO Specialist is Cheaper

As you may have guessed already, hiring Amazon SEO service is way more cheaper than going at it solo. If you opt for the latter, you’ll have to invest tremendous amounts of money on your training and the tools to optimize your Amazon web pages and product listings. And that’s not even mentioning the other costs you’ll have to meet just to get top-notch Amazon SEO. Yes, a lot of SEO agencies have high rates. But in the long run, they’re the cheaper option. Besides, if you really want quality Amazon SEO services, then you had better be ready to pay for it.

To Focus Your Time and Energy Somewhere Else

Another benefit you’ll enjoy from hiring Amazon SEO specialists is that they’ll help free up your time and energy. This allows you to focus on other parts of your business (i.e., day-to-day management, getting more products to sell, etc.). That means no more worrying about your page’s SEO or trying to learn it. It also means more peace of mind for you since you have a team of experts to rely on.

To Make Sure Your Amazon Web Page Gets Optimized

Last but definitely not least, Amazon SEO service providers can help optimize your web pages and product listings. This allows Amazon’s algorithms to easily spot and index your site, allowing buyers to spot your goods immediately. This will ultimately improve your site’s performance, as well as potentially boost your sales and profits.

Factors That Affects Amazon SEO

As mentioned earlier, you need to improve upon a couple of factors and KPIs if you want to properly optimize your Amazon web pages’ rankings. These include:

Sales Velocity

This metric won’t just let you know how well your Amazon web pages are performing; it will also let Amazon know how fast your product sells. Basically, the more money you earn via Amazon, the higher your sales velocity ranking will be. And the higher your sales velocity ranking is, the more special preference you’ll get from Amazon.

To ensure good sales velocity rankings, you need to have an effective Amazon SEO strategy in place. And the best way to have that is by getting quality Amazon SEO services from the right people. So if you really want your platform to get noticed by Amazon’s algorithms and by yoru buyers, better make sure to boost your sales.

Keyword Usage

With sales in mind, you need to make sure your products are those that can easily be recognized by Amazon’s algorithms. Luckily, this can be accomplished by optimizing each of your products with the right keywords.

Still, finding the best keywords for your products can be tricky. For example, if you’re selling dog nail cutters, using the keyword “dog products” is not recommended even if they’re related. You’ll need the right tools to make sure the keyword is right for your products. By hiring Amazon SEO service providers, you get that and more.

Content Quality

But not even high-ranking keywords will boost your Amazon page’s SEO rankings if it doesn’t come with quality content. And in case you just insert keywords in your product listings, Amazon’s algorithms will consider that overstuffing, potentially endangering your page in the process.

Hire an Amazon SEO agency with a terrific writer on their team. Or you can outsource the writer separately. Or you can do it yourself (assuming you know how to write). Either way, make sure your Amazon pages come with quality content.

Product Pricing and Availability

You also need to consider your products’ pricing and availability, as these will significantly affect your Amazon SEO ranking. To ensure your web page and product listings stay on top, your prices have to be competitive. That means it must be more or less in the same range as your competitors’.

At the same time, you need to make your products readily available. This is especially important if you’re selling an in-demand product. If you run low on stocks, your page’s reputation will be damaged. So check your inventory regularly and make sure you’re well-stocked.

How Amazon SEO Services Optimize Your Product Listings

By having a clear perception of how Amazon SEO works, specialists and agencies can help you optimize your pages to ensure you sell your products more effectively. Below are two of the most common techniques they rely on:

Writing Great Amazon Sales Copy

Having a killer sales copy can seriously improve your Amazon page’s SEO. By creating content that can persuade and entertain, SEO specialists can help you easily capture your target audiences’ attention. This allows you to convert some of them into customers in the process. To properly optimize your sales copy, you need to ensure they have these three key elements:

  • Product Title

Since this is the first text your customers will read, you need to make sure the product title contains the most important information about the item you’re selling. Check out the Styles Guides in Amazon Seller Central to create great titles for your products.

  • Product Description

Next, you need to make sure your sales copy gives people a good look at your product. By using the right words at the right time, you’ll easily convince people to go for your items instead of buying elsewhere. Plus, you can improve your content even further by utilizing certain Amazon tools or by making it tell a story.

  • Bullet Points

Information is best enjoyed at small bites. By adding outlines and bullet points to your sales copy, you’ll help your audience understand your product better. Simultaneously, it will also prevent them from getting overwhelmed by too much information, which can put them off from buying your items.

Adding High-Quality Product Photos

Aside from a killer sales copy, your Amazon web pages need to contain high-quality photos of your products. People are more drawn to pictures than other types of content. By making sure your sales copy is accompanied by quality visual imagery, Amazon SEO specialists will help you attract more people to your pages. To get good photos, you need to do the following:

  • Use a white background
  • Find the right lighting
  • Photograph the product at multiple angles

Doing these and other tips will require a high-resolution camera, a studio with white backgrounds, and mad photography skills. Unless you’re good at photography, you should rely on experts for your products’ photoshoots.

Get Quality Amazon SEO Services

Improving your Amazon pages’ SEO may sound simple on paper, but it’s definitely challenging to pull off. So to ensure your pages get successfully optimized, better hire professionals who can provide you with the best Amazon SEO services money can buy.

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