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HVAC companies need to advertise for several reasons. Like relying on direct mail marketing, you can attract more people to your business, as well as generate brand loyalty. But more importantly, it’s a great way to boost your sales and revenue. So if you’re in the HVAC industry, you should consider creating and then executing a few amazing HVAC advertising ideas.

If this is your first time creating ads and you don’t know where to start, we got you covered! Below are a couple of ideas that might help inspire you as you make your own HVAC ads.

HVAC Tutorials

Hiring HVAC companies can be quite expensive. That’s why a lot of people prefer fixing their HVAC units themselves as much as possible. So you might as well help them out by providing them with a few HVAC tutorials.

Aside from enabling them to properly fix any issues their air conditioners are facing, making instructional content will also make you more endearing. For one thing, it shows how good you are at anything HVAC-related, making you a trustworthy brand in the industry. But more importantly, it demonstrates how much you care about your current and prospective customers. They’ll think that you won’t if they don’t avail your products or services, as long as you help them keep their HVAC systems in tip top shape.

Now HVAC tutorials can either be written content or videos. It’s up to you to choose which one to make. Either way, both will make excellent instructional content for your target audience. Take 

HVAC with John Israel for example. This Youtube channel has provided numerous videos about HVAC repairs and maintenance. Or how about Arista, who published many how-to articles on their blog page.

Key Takeaway

Tutorials can help advertise your HVAC business by showcasing your expertise, as well as demonstrate how much you care about your current and prospective customers.

Email Advertisements

As one of the most tried-and-tested HVAC advertising ideas, email advertisements can be very effective. Budget-friendly, customizable, and easy to share, it can help you drive more traffic to your HVAC website. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic way to build relationships with your customers and prospects. Not only will it help keep your HVAC companies’ logos fresh in their minds, but it will allow you to maintain regular contact with them, too. So if you haven’t tried it yet, best make a few good email ads to get your target audience’s attention.

Like any other effective ads, there are a few things to remember while creating email advertisements. First, you need to highlight the things that made your HVAC brand stand out from your competition. Like it or not, people will encounter other HVAC advertisements aside from yours. You need to give them a reason to choose your brand, and the best way to do that is by pointing out what they can get from it.

Second, you need to use a powerful headline to catch your target audience’s attention. For example, Anacin’s slogans can be summarized into one simple statement: “Feel better fast.” Meanwhile, M&M’s “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” has become so well-known that everyone pretty much knows it.

Key Takeaway

Email ads are a great way to promote your HVAC brand, and it will also allow you to build customer relationships.

UGC Hashtag Contests

UGC stands for user-generated content, and it’s a great way to advertise your HVAC brand. Employed properly, it can increase brand awareness as well as keep you relevant in people’s daily lives. It also has the unique ability to put your customers front and center, essentially using their personal experience with your HVAC business as advertisement.

One way to use UGC when advertising your HVAC brand is by throwing a hashtag contest. These can be done in many ways. For example, you can try hosting a Story challenge that highlights your all-star customers. Have them take selfies with their HVAC unit, tagging you and adding a hashtag of your company’s name. Incentivize them with a prize to keep them interested. Aside from promoting your brand, this will also encourage people to talk about your business.

Alternatively, you can throw a video-making challenge instead. Aside from offering a cash prize, you can incentivize people to participate by promising to use the winner’s video as your HVAC company’s next video ad.

Whatever UGC hashtag contest you decide to host, make sure you keep it as interesting as you can. Also, write a few rules to make it a bit challenging (but not excessively so).

Key Takeaway

Take advantage of the advertising benefits of UGC by hosting a hashtag contest. This will help create a buzz around your HVAC business, as well as gives you multiple opportunities to engage with your current customers.

Funny Video Ads

For your HVAC video ads to be effective, it needs to have a message that strongly resonates with your prospective customers. But at the same time, it needs to be memorable. And one way to make people remember your video ads is by injecting humor in it.

Take BGH Air Conditioners’ “Dads in Briefs” video ads series for example. Through their use of humor, they were able to effectively sell their air conditioners to consumers. After all, who’d want to see their dads lurking about while only in their underwear?

If you watch the video more closely, you’ll see why it’s among the most effective HVAC advertising ideas. For example, it easily pointed out people’s need to stay comfortable during the summer, as well as played on their fears of seeing their dad wearing briefs just to stay cool. Then they ended it with a simple catchphrase: “Get them dressed with a BGH AIr Conditioner”. Combined with stellar presentation (on the actors’ part), proper editing, and Mozart’s Dies Irae, the video proved to be very entertaining and informative.

Key Takeaway

Use humor and wit to make memorable HVAC video advertisements. Also, keep your main message and call to action short and easy to understand.

Witty Printed T-Shirts

HVAC companies used to rely on word of mouth when promoting their business. But with more and more people spending their time on the internet, you need to gradually switch to online HVAC marketing techniques to stay afloat. However, that doesn’t mean you should forgo old-fashioned marketing tricks, especially those that still work.

Look at this funny printed T-shirt for example. As you can see, it jokingly lists the hourly rates for HVAC tech services. Despite being made for laughs, you can actually build up on this idea. Only instead of listing fake prices, you can list the actual rates for your HVAC business’ products or services. Or you can print a funny yet memorable catchphrase that people will laugh at.

T-shirts can prove just as effective in promoting your HVAC business as relying on word of mouth. By selling or giving them out, you’ll be able to increase brand awareness, as well as give your loyal customers something new to look forward to. 

As with the sample shirt above, you should give out different color options for the tees. The shirts must also be available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Oh, and one more thing: your HVAC company’s logo and contact details must also be printed in the shirt. That way, potential customers would be able to reach out if ever.

Key Takeaway

Give away or sell T-shirts printed with your HVAC company’s catchphrase, pricing, or any other relevant information to increase brand awareness and make people like your business more.

Creative Business Cards

In this digital age, you’re probably scoffing at the idea of using business cards. But like relying on word of mouth and printed t-shirts, it’s a great way to introduce your HVAC company to prospective clients. Easy and simple, it provides your would-be customers with your contact details, allowing them to reach out to you whenever they want. Besides, not everyone has a smartphone even in the internet age, and some people still prefer keeping business cards.

But here’s the caveat: other HVAC companies are also probably handing out business cards to your target audience. So to make sure they remember your card better, make it stand out by giving it a creative, eye-catching design.

As an example, look at this business card made by Zazzle. Like the sample video ads above, it uses humor to stand out. And by relying on brightly colored flames and a black background, it’s arguably a flashy card that can easily catch anyone’s attention.

Now you don’t have to strictly follow the themes used by this business card, nor copy its slogan. However, you must make sure your card stands out by using the right combination of colors, fonts, and design. And your HVAC company’s name and logo must be displayed clearly on its surface, alongside the technician’s name and contact details.

Key Takeaway

Create eye-catching yet informative business cards to increase brand awareness and to help people contact you in case they need premium HVAC services.

Unique Ambient Ads

As far as HVAC advertising ideas goes, anyone can promote their HVAC companies on billboards and public places. But if you want your ads to stand out, then you can try making ambient ads.

For example, take a look at this Bigelow Organic Tea ad. Made by Joseph Delhommer, it basically turns flower pots into tea cups. By placing their brand near real flowers, Bigelow is essentially telling everyone that their tea is made only from all-natural, organic ingredients. And by using the tea bag flavor that matches the type of flower in the pot, they made it clear that the tea comes in many varieties. 

As you probably noticed, ambient advertising involves creating visual and interactive promotions and then putting them in unexpected places to surprise and encourage prospective clients. In other words, the ads incorporate its surroundings to maximize audience impact. This allows them to stand out better than traditional printed advertisements, which helps passers-by remember them more easily. Additionally, ambient ads use its surroundings to better convey the purpose of the product or service, virtually letting people know why they need to buy it. The best part is, no HVAC company seems to have this kind of advertisement (we’ve checked).

Key Takeaway

To better draw people’s attention in public, place ambient ads that incorporate its surroundings instead of boring traditional ones.

Good Old-Fashioned Printed Posters

While print ads may seem boring (especially when compared with ambient ones), that doesn’t mean they can’t help you promote your HVAC business. In fact, by making sets of posters, and other printed material, you’ll be able to catch their attention, give them a decent walkthrough about your products and services, and basically help them get to know your brand better. Plus, they’re one of the most budget-friendly HVAC advertising ideas you can try.

Take this poster made by Zazzle for example. Despite its simple design and lack of text, it conveys its message pretty clearly: Think about HVAC! Or you can give them a poster that will help them learn the basics of HVACs, like this one. But if you want something with more meat in it, you can give them a more detailed walkthrough on how HVAC systems work, like this poster did.

One of the best things about poster ads is that there are endless possibilities when making them. However, there are a few things to keep in mind along the way. For example, you have to make sure the text (if any) can be read from a distance. You should also make it scalable so it can be printed on different papers without losing its resolution. Finally, give it a great call-to-action.

Key Takeaway

Despite being old-fashioned, you can still rely on printed posters when promoting your HVAC company.

Try Out These HVAC Advertising Ideas

Coming up with great HVAC advertising ideas is not that difficult. Still, if you find yourself having a hard time doing so, you can find inspiration from the examples listed above. Each of these ideas will help you put your HVAC business on the map like never before. So better go ahead and try making them.

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