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Many businesses are suffering these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both consumers and sellers are under strict regulations in following certain protocols such as staying indoors and practicing social distancing. For this reason, entrepreneurs are struggling to continue their operations and market their products. Although this pandemic is indeed devastating, it teaches business owners to become more strategic in promoting their businesses.
Marketing to your target audience is essential for running a business. You must take this opportunity to outshine your competitors and build relationships with your potential customers online. Under the conditions of having a pandemic, online marketing will encourage your customers to purchase more from you than your competitors and keep them loyal to your business.
Whether you are a starting small business owner or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has surely made your business vulnerable. Read on because the following are ways to market your business online during a pandemic:

    1. Connect With Your Customers

    You would not be where you are today if it weren’t for your customers. In times of hardships, you must reassure them that your business is there for them. Share your response to the coronavirus and inform your customers that you are doing your best to continue providing your products and services. You can do this by sending them updates through email or posting on your business’ social media accounts. When reassuring, be positive but do not be insensitive towards the situation.
    Building and maintaining relationships with your customers online will take hard work, but it will surely be an effective way to keep them loyal to your business. How? Always put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, what would you want to hear from a company? What would be your expectations? How would you feel if they tell you about this or that? Be honest, genuine, and thoughtful when communicating because the more you connect with your customers, the better you can market to them!

    2. Give Discounts And Promotions

    COVID-19 has affected almost everyone’s means of livelihood. Discounts and promotions can be enticing to customers who have become more price-conscious due to the ongoing crisis.

    There are various ways to implement promotional strategies. The following are five types of promotions you can use:

  • Discounts For Bundles
  • This promotional strategy lets you increase the number of items you sell, which in turn, increases your average order value. It also allows you to sell your unpopular products together with your best-sellers. You may also do this with the new products you want to introduce.

  • Prepayment discount.
  • This type of discount encourages customers to pay early. Hotels, furniture, and jewelry shops often use this.

  • Discounts For Bulk-Buying
  • This strategy encourages your customers to buy more of your products to avail of bigger discounts. It is commonly used in the apparel industry.

  • Free shipping
  • Oftentimes, the shipping fee holds back customers from shopping online. By setting a minimum worth of purchase to avail of this discount, sellers usually take the burden of paying for the delivery to encourage their customers to buy more!

  • Buy one, take one for free.

If you desire to boost your sales instantly, this strategy is what you need. You may implement this with the same products, if not two different products that complement each other.
Before executing the promotional strategies mentioned above, make sure you are protecting the profitability of your business. Do not promise too much to your customers.

3. Launch A Giveaway

People would do anything to get something without paying for it. Launching a giveaway on social media will help your business find new customers and boost sales. Before you start one, make sure that you have set your goals so you can plan it accordingly. Make the mechanics of the giveaway simple so that there would be more participants. Encourage them to share it with their friends to get more chances of winning. Set a reasonable deadline and actively remind people about the giveaway. Lastly, encourage the winner(s) to post pictures together with the prize so that it can be a testimonial that joining your giveaways is worth the effort!

4. Build A Website

Social media alone is not enough. Many people use the internet to look for local businesses. Improving your online presence is important to ensure everyone that your business is trustworthy based on the reviews that you can show them.
Creating a website can help attract new customers since your business will now show up in local search results. It will also allow your buyers to find relevant information about your products and services. If you want to interact with your page’s visitors, you may ask for their email address so you can communicate with them through a regular newsletter and share special discounts and promotions with them.

5. Pay For Ads

Investing for ads will help your business reach its target audience online because consumers will more likely visit your website or social media after seeing an advertisement. Once they open the ads, it will reappear from time to time to remind them that your products are worth buying.
Having so many options, consumers will want to compare different products from different shops. Advertisements ensure that your business will be at the front of the potential customer’s mind. It also gives your business a positive image and assures everyone that it is a credible shop.
Advertising works in increasing your sales. People are more willing to buy if they see strong and positive ads about your business. Pay for ads now, and watch your business grow faster!
The world is not what it used to be due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has significantly impacted people’s routine and business operations. In these challenging times, businesses have no choice but to use online marketing strategies to expand and increase sales. As a business person, do whatever it takes to adjust to any situation and do not miss to try out the suggested marketing strategies above.

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